December, 2013

Pictures from November, 2013

All I remember about November is a dramatic
change in the weather. Other than that, it was a
nondramatic change... babysitting. Mike was
working on his Masters, Kara was supporting
her family, and we were helping with Bentley.
He was teaching us how to be grandparents.

Mike's & Kara's place, all lit up
Willcox Family home,
Cheyenne, Wyoming
9 November 2013

The Christmas theme
Our house in
Christmas lights
9 November 2013

Alissa made this for Mike & Kara
Measuring board,
Willcox family
11 November 2013

The Hair
Bentley at home.
The Heart is...
17 November 2013

Alien Element
Custom Onesy,
circa Grumpy
17 November 2013

November is when we usually say goodbye
to Indian Summer. We didn't notice this year.
We just were, we just did. It just was. It was great.

Get it while you can, baby!
Taylor & Bentley.
Uncle & nephew.
20 November 2013

This is from halfway there...
Lighted pathway to
Grammy's & Grumpy's
23 November 2013

The view from Grammy's patio...
Red pine, blue arbor.
Down yon steps...
23 November 2013

View from beside Grumpy's Pond
View up the steps
to our back porch
23 November 2013

With daylight shortened, the
lighted path between houses was put to good use.
And there were frequent visits, always!

Dogs & children. The Everlasting Union
A dog & his boy
are inseparable
24 November 2013

Start the countdown...
Ready to launch?
Bentley & Taylor
24 November 2013

He's kinda wiggly!
High energy level...
He's breakin' away!
24 November 2013

Here's the serious picture...
Daddy is sooo big.
The Willcox family!
28 November 2013

Laughing picture (camera shake)
...and Mommy is
sooo pretty!
28 November 2013

Thanksgiving was spread out over several days,
at several houses... here are several photos from our place.

Another fine baked good from Alissa
Seasonal & iconic
cornucopia bread!
28 November 2013

It's the ol' Grandstanding the Grandson routine
A little more tickle
to the right, please
28 November 2013

Cell Phone image
Hangin' on to
a big bald head!
28 November 2013

Corruption & spoilage: great-grandparental antics
Great-grampa pruning
house plants. Yowza!
28 November 2013

...and I remember a time when...
Pause for Memory Lane
during Xmas Cookies...
28 November 2013

Good thing that pictures of Amos don't have an aroma...
A dog & his boy,
Amos & Taylor style
28 November 2013

Oh yeahhh! Surprisingly fun!
Megan, Trenton & Mike
decorate Xmas cookies
28 November 2013

Great-grampa's ballet school
"Okay, that's almost the
Fourth Position, sonny."
28 November 2013

Okay. Okay. Cheeeese!
Almost behaving:
Trenton, Megan & Dan
28 November 2013

That's when the trouble started...
And away we go!
No tickling! No hitting!
28 November 2013

Fun with Uncle Bub
Learning the ol'
High Five moves
28 November 2013

Whoa! G-Forces!
Still getting used
to this gravity thing
28 November 2013

Nothing like lounging around in yer diapers!
Good Times at
Grammy's House
29 November 2013

Learning the fine art of Hand-to-Mouth coordination
I got this. Yeah,
really. I got this.
30 November 2013

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