November, 2013

Pictures from October, 2013

October. It starts to get chilly outside.
We had a belated birthday party for Kara, & Bentley stole the show...

Jenna, Taylor, Alissa, Bentley & Mike
Pass me that baby,
Daddy-O, says Alissa
9 October 2013

Dippity Doo Boy!
Jenna & Alissa
admire the coiffure
9 October 2013

Oh-so-casual today...
Oh, Absolutely.
Completely natural.
9 October 2013

Bentley & Grammy Alissa
O Grammy, my
heart of hearts...
9 October 2013

I Heart Jenna
Whatever you say,
Aunt Jenna...
9 October 2013

It was Kara's birthday party, but her
little son was the center of attention.
She didn't mind it though...

Get it while you can, baby!
Boy. She really
likes me, Dad...
9 October 2013

Oh my. He's enjoying the attention.
Mmm. You sure do
say alot to me, Auntie...
9 October 2013

She found him here... can she keep him??
Jenna wants to hang
onto her little nephew...
9 October 2013

Can't crawl, can't cruise... but he can walk!
Hey, Dad. Let me
walk across this counter
9 October 2013

Along came the cold of Autumn.
The insects started to move in...

Must be a female... still has its head
Amateur entomology:
Alissa's preying mantis
11 October 2013

Another view...
Same mantis,
different angle
11 October 2013

He's here. He's here!
Bentley in the red
underground bunker
12 October 2013

Hanging out at Gramma's house...
A bearded Trenton,
our youthful nephew
13 October 2013

Uncle Dan front-and-center
Grand Uncle Jerry at
the head of the table
13 October 2013

A number of homelife photographs:
frequent visits by our grandson,
pond maintenance, and views of
our humble-but-lovable home.

He prefers the taste of soft soap...
Taylor & Alissa having
fun with little Bentley
26 October 2013

A haircut for the pond grass
Alissa shortens hairs
of Grumpy's Pond
26 October 2013

The Grumpyseat,
Hillside Garden
26 October 2013

Glasses never half full...
Always a wine glass,
never a whiner
26 October 2013

Place Grandbaby here...
Momentarily unoccupied
26 October 2013

The Grammy-Grumpy credo
Our friend Roz
made this for us
26 October 2013

Island Romance
No kids at
home tonight!
26 October 2013

Uh-oh. I think he has a date...
It's Homecoming at
East High tonight
26 October 2013

Jacket's off for the moment
Taylor, eve of
26 October 2013

Not sure about this one, Mom!
Taste-testing a
breakfast gruel
27 October 2013

Halloween was just pure fun.
Bentley was all of 4 months old...

Gotta get it ju-u-u-ust right
Mike herding the
pumpkin models
27 October 2013

Make it biggerer, she says...
Kara weighs in
on the design
27 October 2013

Bub has a valued perspective...
Taylor probably'd
do it another way
27 October 2013

The center of attention
Punkin butter?
What's Punkin butter??
27 October 2013

Well, butter my butt!
Photo-op time,
starring Little B...
27 October 2013

Don't care who you are, this is FUN!
Shameless child
Exploitation?? Ha!
27 October 2013

What would George Michael say?
Happy Halloween,
each & every one
27 October 2013

My first All Halloweds E'en!
Who's parkin'
these gourds!?
27 October 2013

Scare me!
by Taylor Boykin
28 October 2013

I'm charming. PRINCE Charming.
Prince Charming,
out on the town
31 October 2013

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