October, 2013

These pictures from September would have appeared on the October, 2013 main page.

Summer really went out like a lion this year.
We had rain storms that flooded the basement again, which
had us modifying our drainage away from the house.

Grandson Bentley & his Aunt Jenna
Bentley and his
Auntie Jenna
31 August 2013

It's a shindig!
Great Grampa Merrill
& Uncle Eli
31 August 2013

The British would say he was 'bemused...'
Eli taking it
all in, at home
31 August 2013

Bentley & Great Gramma Karen
Great Gramma Karen
and little Bentley
31 August 2013

Everyone came over to see Eli off
The hour is early
for sister Kara
15 September 2013

Alissa & I went to a wedding on the 14th,
but beforehand, Taylor & I dug out a drainage trench and filled it
with stealth materiel... and the next day, Eli & I left the flood plain
for the Grand Canyon State...

Mike & Eli furiously dug the pilot trench on the evening of the 13th!
Water percolates easily
through this medium
15 September 2013

Okay, Eli, get on the road already!
Seeing Eli off on
his Arizona adventure
15 September 2013

Whoosh, whoosh! You're flyin', Bentley!
Okay, Nephew...
remember this!
15 September 2013

Eli was driving...
Raton Pass, Colorado
in a mega-rainstorm
15 September 2013

We had 2 hours without rain our first day of driving!
Northern New Mexico
during our road trip
15 September 2013

Eli drove us through the flood-devastated Colorado areas
along I-25 into New Mexico. We spent the night in Albuquerque,
then continued on into the metropolitan Phoenix area, terminating
our journey in lovely Mesa, Arizona. I flew home the next day.

Oh man. He's in serious Driver Mode.
On the New Mexico-
Arizona state border
16 September 2013

My first time seeing it from this angle.
Humphrey's Peak,
near Flagstaff
16 September 2013

Eli & one of his Mesa roommates.
Welcome, and
here's the deal...
17 September 2013

Oh YEAH, baby!
Ah! Blankey time
at Grammy's house
18 September 2013

I like to rip these out in the summer & taste 'em.
Blossometh ye
volunteer wild onion
19 September 2013

One early afternoon, I decided to get on the roof
in an attempt to get better photographs of the ponds.
Little did I remember that Mary Lobmeyer was in the
process of composing Taylor's senior portraits. Bonus!

I think I lost this quick draw...
Dueling cameras:
Mary wins this time
19 September 2013

Yeah, well. Sometimes you just take any help you can get!
Mary gets some help
from a willing assistant
19 September 2013

Still waters run deep.
The Angst Pond,
at Summer's end
19 September 2013

Nice place to shelter from the wind
The stone love seat,
in the verdant garden
19 September 2013

Hope he can stop giggling!
Mary directing the
easily amused Taylor
19 September 2013

'The Beach' is actually a little play area for grandchildren...
The beach meets the
living room suite
19 September 2013

I guess this is a Santa's View...
Stained glass bench
from the rooftop
19 September 2013

If you grow it, they will come...
There be gnomes
in this forest!
19 September 2013

For children only!
The foot bridge
over Cobalt Creek
19 September 2013

Is this Investigation Gruesome Discovery??
Bentley is glued
to the big screen...
30 September 2013

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