September, 2013

These pictures from August would have appeared on the September, 2013 main page.

Mike's last hurrah for their time in Boise was a second ascent
of Idaho's highest point, Borah Peak, with his buddy Ed. Meanwhile,
in Southeast Wyoming, the rest of us were doing a little rock climbing.

This time with Ed
Borah Peak, Idaho
Mike tops out again
1 August 2013

The ledge above the Upper Fall Wall
Matt & Rob on
Upper Fall Wall
1 August 2013

This is nice 5.7, for the Blair-Wallis area of Vedauwoo
Matt leading Becker,
John's Tower, Blair
4 August 2013

Eli & I climbed the Hideaway Chimney, a second go-round for him
Eli retrieves the rope
beneath Holy Saturday
5 August 2013

Hello, cellphone camera!
Grandson photo from
far-off Boise, Idaho!
6 August 2013

Alissa flew out to Idaho in the 8th to help with their big move
to Wyoming. Mike & Kara settled into the neighborhood, and
Alissa set out to establishing a routine of stealing away from their house
with our infant grandson in her clutches at any & every opportunity.

Grammy arrives for the drive!
Alissa in Boise to
help with the move
8 August 2013

Ooh! We LOVE road trips!
On the road at
Little America, Wyoming
9 August 2013

I took this on the way to work one evening...
Brilliant sky in
early evening
10 August 2013

He's new in town...
Alissa holds Bentley
as his uncles gawk...
11 August 2013

Bentley eyes a suspicious Eli...
Two months old this very
day. Master Bentley.
11 August 2013

Family & friends visited them at their new digs,
and eventually their lives began to settle down briefly,
if only for ten minutes! The gardens were in terminal
bloom, and the fruit was on the trees, as summer faded.

Happens alot. You make pizza. Hungry people appear.
It's a good
night for pizza
12 August 2013

GGma Karen gets some adoration time...
GGma's opportunity
for grand spoilage!
12 August 2013

There ain't no slugs in wyoming. Emmer boogers...
What're you?
A window booger?
12 August 2013

Taylor gathering ammo
The return of the
arachnoid Spider Lily!
13 August 2013

Apples. In Wyoming.
We planted this tree
back around 2001
13 August 2013

I guess they're Granny Smiths...
Emmer some
way-tart apples!
13 August 2013

These turn into effective seed pods
The hosta blooms
of high summer
13 August 2013

Looks kind of succulent...
A butterfly bush also
attracts hummingbirds
13 August 2013

When the top buds bloom, summer is over...
Hollyhocks are the
portent of Autumn
13 August 2013

Reach for the sky... it's falling!
Matured & stalking,
13 August 2013

Mike, Kara & Bentley (and Edgar!) went camping with his
original family nearly immediately after arriving in Cheyenne.
We just hung out at home, sky-watching at night, eating
apple pie baked from our own home-grown apples.

Glass o' wine, fuzzy slippers...
Our stargazing rig,
in the backyard
13 August 2013

Yes, it's a composite photo. Yes, it's a little bit cruddy.
Sumac & elm
to our South side
13 August 2013

Ohh, fishy, fishy, fishy, fish!
The microcosm
of the lower pond
13 August 2013

Mmm. Pie.
What to do with
homegrown apples
15 August 2013

Camping with the Fam...
Willcox family,
Wyoming camping
15 August 2013

Eli and I were able to go climbing one last time
before he left Wyoming for his first sojourn away from home.
We climbed a four-pitch route on Walt's Wall, and one more route
higher on the Hatbox. We met riggers for Vertical Dance when we left.

KEWL, baby...
Future's so bright,
I gotta wear shades
15 August 2013

We'd just climbed 5 long pitches in the Central Area
Eli below Walt's Wall
at Vedauwoo, Wyoming
17 August 2013

Brianna was edumacated by these two dance instructors
Neal & Margaret
Vertical Dance riggers
17 August 2013

Idiot Glee!
He's a happy boy!
Bentley @ 2 months
18 August 2013

I love you, Daddy!
Bentley & Daddy
home at last!
21 August 2013

Alissa had a busy month! Next she flew to Austin,
to assist Josh & Brianna in their move to a new 'hood.
Every day I received cellphone images of familiar ground.

Here once stood a true dive of the '80's...
Former location of
Club Foote, Austin
21 August 2013

Those Teasippers are hilarious!
University of Texas
Bell Tower & balls
22 August 2013

Congress Street Bridge at dusk
It's time for the
bat take-off
22 August 2013

Texas has hundreds of creeks & rivers...
Alissa & Brianna,
Pedernales River
23 August 2013

Josh, get me a hacksaw...
Breaking break with
a French machete
23 August 2013

One morning I was driving home from work and, curiously,
I saw a parachutist landing in one of the newer neighborhoods
around our house. There was also a lot of rain this month, as well
as Eli's 19th birthday shindigs. I worked many nights this month...

How do you think this person got here???
Parachutist landing in
a former wheat field
24 August 2013

It's my birthday! It's my birthday!
Eli: Chinee Foo'!
It's my birthday!
24 August 2013

Day lilies in
the backyard
24 August 2013

Alissa took this picture with her cellphone
Double rainbow from
our back porch
26 August 2013

Glass Nost!
Taylor squished
under glass
30 August 2013

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