August, 2013

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In Boise, Mike, Kara & Bentley were havin' a good ol' time...
and meanwhile, we were getting ready for Independence Day.

Just wait until I learn to speak!
Oh so much hair,
so little cuddle time
2 July 2013

Unavoidably shot through the window screen!
Another project with
Alissa, Taylor & Eli
2 July 2013

I re-routed the sprinkler lines later.
Widening the arbor
passage way
2 July 2013

These blooms are quite small
The ice plant,
hardy Delosperma
4 July 2013

Some were leggy this year, and some were quite full...
Pale blue Delphinium
on the garden slope
4 July 2013

The boys mowed the back acreage in preparation for our
annual incendiary celebration, as well as helping Alissa with
her projects. The flowers were thriving, despite challenging weather.

Overlooking the stone loveseat...
Beaten, disfigured, but
smelling like a rose
4 July 2013

Mood flowering...
Water lilies open
for the daylight
4 July 2013

Organized flame throwing...
Artillery shells
& cherry bombs...
4 July 2013

Taylor gathering ammo
Taylor at the bench
of Explosion East
4 July 2013

What are friends for!?
Hand-held firesticks,
early in the night
4 July 2013

Despite occasional afternoon showers, the dry
prairie grass was a concern. The most impressive of our unintentional
blazes was stomped out by Team Geezer (Uncle Dan & Yours Truly)!

Light up the ground, too!
Youth In Action:
light up the sky!
4 July 2013

Lame, they said. But I was satisfied...
A shower of sparks
before the boom-boom
4 July 2013

Really, you aren't totally safe anywhere around these guys!
Safe viewing from
the back porch bunker
4 July 2013

Whoops. Standing a bit close!
Oops. Engulfed by
Chinese fireflies!
4 July 2013

Oh, good. He's okay. But where's Brandon??
Like the label says,
light here, get back!
4 July 2013

Hello, new camera...
Pink. Like a
deco umbrella
4 July 2013

Sounds like a mortar, actually
Flight of the
cherry bombs
4 July 2013

The mind is willing, but the trigger finger is a slowpoke
Click. Dang! Close,
but no cigar...
4 July 2013

I was playing my guitar on the back porch...
Multiple bursts & the
Star-spangled Banner
4 July 2013

Looks like an aster, not?
Ooooh. Ahhh.
4 July 2013

Puffs of white light...
Another orchestrated
triple white burst
4 July 2013

The percussion is amazing...
This one made me
wiggle the camera
4 July 2013

Anita Bryant would be proud...
Who says there ain't
no rhyme for oranges?
4 July 2013

We were hoping for rain.
This one even lit
up the cloud cover
4 July 2013

After awhile, there isn't much more you can say about fireworks, is there?
Looks like someone
likes purple scribbles
4 July 2013

Okay. True. It's supposed to do that.
Checking our data...
Obviously an anomaly...
4 July 2013

It was a bit hot for sitting next to...
The fire pit was our
disposal node tonight
4 July 2013

Apologies to the Artist Formerly Known As Prince...
Platinum Rain,
Platinum Rain...
4 July 2013

It was entertaining, and never out of hand...
Wow! Cover your head!
They're everywhere!!!
4 July 2013

A thousand points of light
Looks even hotter
than the 4th of July
4 July 2013

We continued to receive daily images
of our newborn grandson, from his mom & dad in Idaho...

Impossible to capture it all in one frame
A grand finale,
in one small part
4 July 2013

Gnaw gnaw gnaw... in Boise
Bentley gets close
to finding his thumb
5 July 2013

Lovely, lovely bath time!
Let me tell you
how it is,
he says
11 July 2013

Furby!? What on EARTH is a Furby?
He has a good
startle reflex!
12 July 2013

Hope he's ticklish...
Hey. You're not gonna
scare me again, right?

13 July 2013

Rob Kelman has always wanted to climb the Southeast Chimney
route of Wind Tower in Eldorado Canyon, one of his favorite places.
We were able to ascend all but the last two pitches, thanks to rain.

On the cusp of his 83rd birthday...
Rob leading the first
pitch of the route
18 July 2013

It was a hot day...
We climbed 4 pitches
before the rain came
18 July 2013

It's a little bit exposed...
Rob near the top
of the chimney itself
18 July 2013

The wandering route goes up the center of the picture.
Wind Tower from
the East. Eldorado
18 July 2013

Deb, Emily & Grace were visiting from Montana...
Megan tries out a
unicycle ride...
26 July 2013

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