July, 2013

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June First was Graduation Day for Eli & East High's Class of 2013.
Taylor helped film the event for Thunderbird TV. Eli wore his custom-made East High "chucks."

A highly-coordinated project...
Taylor on Camera One,
East High Graduation
1 June 2013

Note Eli's funky tennis shoes
Here they come:
the Class of 2013
1 June 2013

The penultimate moment.
We always think about
Kindergarten days...
1 June 2013

Pretty good year!
Lilacs beside the
backyard shed
3 June 2013

Rob working on his bucket list
Rob leading on the
1st Elephant Buttress
6 June 2013

Alissa was working on her next project when Kara called to
say that she was in labor. This changed everything.
Alissa re-scheduled her flight to Boise, and she was gone...

A bright yellow iris...
Before the flight,
an opened iris
11 June 2013

Cut glass on concrete pillars
Alissa's mosaic,
put on hold
11 June 2013

Cheyenne to Denver to Boise...
Alissa's plane, on the
tarmac, flight-ready.
11 June 2013

Bentley Noel Willcox is born...
Kara holds their
newborn son, Bentley
11 June 2013

Bentley Noel Willcox
Our first grandchild,
Bentley Noel Willcox
11 June 2013

I was connected to the Willcox Family via my phone for days.
Meanwhile, life continued unabated at our house. Taylor and I worked
on the yard, while Eli job-searched. Overall, we had great success.

It's never convenient, is it?
The conservation
trees have arrived...
12 June 2013

This moment is what kept her alive in the worst of times during the last 6 months!
Grammy Ann holds
her salvation, Bentley
12 June 2013

On her list of Things To Do...
Taylor mulching the
East Garden & irises
12 June 2013

This is the East Garden
Mulched & pretty,
the East Garden
12 June 2013

Daddy carries his son over the threshhold
Bentley comes home.
Mike's pretty happy!
13 June 2013

The Willcox Family left the hospital. Life begins.
Eli, Taylor & I laid down irrigation for hundreds of new plants.
This was a busy month building & maintenance, heh-heh!

'And it seems to me...'
Live your life like
lupines in the wind
15 June 2013

Looks like a nice place to sit, eh?
The stone bench,
blending in more
15 June 2013

Mr Johnston's wheat field awaits...
No more petunias for
you, Topher Gopher!
16 June 2013

This is the kind of stuff that makes 'em want a real job!
Eli installing drip
emitters out back
16 June 2013

Rear view of the houses
He's careful to
spare the barrier
16 June 2013

Eli & Taylor did the lion's share of the irrigation toil,
while I was working. We had alot of things come up, unexpectedly...

I always thought of our place as 'flat as a pancake.' Hmm.
Taylor on the back
watering lines
16 June 2013

They finished the job in less than half the time it would've taken me
Working together, they
finished it quickly
16 June 2013

On the edge of the Zen garden
Iris, stone bench &
16 June 2013

Oh look. Maybe some rain today!
Typical promise of
afternoon rain out there
16 June 2013

We pepper, we trap, but they still get devoured
Petunias: breakfast
to bunny & gopher
16 June 2013

I drove out to Boise to see our new grandson
and to collect Alissa, if I could drag her away. I had never actually
been to Mike's & Kara's place before. What I have missed!

See what you started, Brianna!?
Pillaging munchers
in the gnome wood
16 June 2013

Happy Birthday, Cindy!
Prairie Primrose are
legion this year
17 June 2013

The pug heard I'm taking a road trip...
Amos thinks I'm
leaving him here...
19 June 2013

It's true. You can eat when I get back, Chubs!
Oh boy oh boy
Oh boy oh boy
19 June 2013

Alissa loves her fuzzy grandson
There's his li'l grin!
Lounging in Boise
20 June 2013

We passed the brief time there just
holding this hamsom baby boy!

It's a new nuclear family!
Mike, Kara & Bentley
in Boise, Idaho
21 June 2013

It's that 'Not the momma' look...
So. You're that
grumpy old man??
21 June 2013

One with the menfolk
Four generations,
Boise, Idaho
24 June 2013

I don't think she'll come home...
Thinks: He'd fit in
my purse, I'll bet

24 June 2013

He loves the ladies...
Four generations
all in a row
24 June 2013

We finish the month back in Cheyenne,
flowers blooming and tire irons rattlin' on the washboard road...

They don't last for long!
The poppies were very
short-lived this summer
27 June 2013

Backlit by the morning sun
Catch them in the
morning when it's still
27 June 2013

Look, Ma! No Hail Holes!
Protected by an elm,
a hosta flourishes
27 June 2013

Too bad you can't smell them!
Their perfumed aroma
pervaded the porch...
27 June 2013

Apologies to Aerosmith...
Pink is like red,
but not quite...
27 June 2013

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