June, 2013

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The very first day of May, we had an excellent blizzard!

The back porch light helps...
Would you believe
it's almost summer?
1 May 2013

Outside, late night...
Watering plants,
1 May 2013

Momma says.
For the boys,
from Alissa
1 May 2013

She said go look!
Got the Style
department cornered...
1 May 2013

Duck. That's what their Mom said.
All chunks & slabs.
Spring Snow.
1 May 2013

Eli & Taylor had to dig us out.
It sure is nice to have able-bodied young men
doing the dirty work that I used to have to do!

Eli playfully bombards
his industrious brother
1 May 2013

Mike near Boise,
Indestructible mode
4 May 2013 *

Best wishes to Abe & Syd
For Abe & Syd from
Alissa & Renee
6 May 2013

Whip me, beat me, call me Ethyl
Sign, sign,
Everywhere a sign
8 May 2013

Afternoon sprinkling
Here's yer water!
Hydration are us.
11 May 2013

Things keep getting better & better.
Pictures from Idaho show interesting developments...

Mike's photo before the crash...
Prelude to disaster:
biking near Boise
11 May 2013 *

Mike's shoulder, dislocated
Uhh, I think I should
see a doctor now?
11 May 2013 *

Oh, man, you are gonna be in DUTCH!!
Emergency room chic,
in Boise, Idaho
11 May 2013 *

Hi Honey! Nooo, I'm fine! REALLY!
"Okay," Mike thought,
"I need a doctor..."
11 May 2013 *

She can DO it!
Weeding & Breathing
even and unlabored
16 May 2013

We're all healing. Alissa. Mike. You. Me. It's all-inclusive!

This one leaps out of the water
Colorful shubunkins
in the Angst Pond
16 May 2013

Post-op shoulder repair. Eeek!
Mike's repaired
Grade IV separation
20 May 2013 *

Ally Gator. Or is it Allen?
Josh going shoe
shopping in Nawlins
23 May 2013 $

This was our fizzling storm of the century...
Purple Lungwort,
a new addition
24 May 2013

It's a Grandchildren bench!
You can weed eternally,
or you can construct...
24 May 2013

Spring unfolded. The leaves had yet to burst forth,
but we were too busy to be impatient for summer.

Strange. Don't usually see this coloration until Autumn.
Hens & Chicks
near Grumpy's Pond
24 May 2013

She Who Turns Old Junk Into Gardens
Everything including
the (old) kitchen sink
24 May 2013

A signpost... (think Rod Serling)
Alissa entering
the Twilight Zone
25 May 2013

Sign, sign, version 2
Alissa pointing
the proverbial way...
25 May 2013

New Orleans, LA
Brianna & Josh,
Louis Armstrong Park
26 May 2013 $

Our grandson, "Turbo," is on the way.
Seems like the whole family is awaiting his arrival. Especially his
maternal grandmother. She's working on his birth needlepoint. His
aunts & uncles are about to re-define their lives around him.

Atleast, that's how I see it...

Mardis Mwahahaha!!!
Brianna & Character.
New Orleans, LA
27 May 2013 $

Alissa's working on Turbo's needlepoint
Eli & Alissa in
the Oom Room
30 May 2013

Solitary Play. Draw, Bub, draw!
Taylor works on
another project
30 May 2013

The Robe. Class of 2013.
Eli's robe. 2013
East High Graduate.
31 May 2013

Get it while you can. Heh-heh!
Milk can supper.
The Graduation party
31 May 2013

Eli's graduation party is on the last day
of May. After that, it's all up in the air. All we know is that
he graduates, and begins his life's journey. (Gulp!)

Congratulations, Eli
The whole bunch
takes in the scene
31 May 2013

Sharing a good laugh...
Eli & his buddies
on the Day Before
31 May 2013

Good friends, equally awesome Moms
Alissa & Desiree
at the grad party
31 May 2013

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