May, 2013

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Our first week of April was spent on the delightful
tropical island of Providenciales, in the Turks & Caicos Islands...

This Taylor's 'Ah. Another day in Paradise' face.
Livin' the Dream, again.
Taylor at Beaches Resort
1 April 2013

The shot is fuzzy, but you get the idea.
Deceptively high seas
off Iguana Island.
2 April 2013

That's Alissa, taking her rum punch for a wade on the North shore
On Little Pine Cay,
near Providenciales
2 April 2013

Only Eli & Taylor did this. Not me, no way...
Parasailing above
Grace Bay, Providenciales
3 April 2013

That's Stevin, an obviously talented Beaches bartender!
Entertainment courtesy
of bartender Mr. Stevin
3 April 2013

It was great to be able to take our sons with us on this trip.
Frisbee, food, sun, watersports, tourism, deep-sea fishing... whew!

The breakers demarcate the abyss beyond Grace Bay
Leaving safe harbor,
5 April 2013

Surprising how much fight a 3-foot barracuda puts up
Eli in the coveted
fight seat, Atlantic Ocean
5 April 2013

Don't eat these. Parasites.
Eli & his barracuda,
ashore in the Caicos
5 April 2013

Kinda windy down here...
At the French Pool,
Beaches Resort.
5 April 2013

It was our last night on the island
Formal sunset portrait,
Grace Bay shoreline
5 April 2013

We came back from the tropical delights to
a Wyoming Spring in full swing. The contrast was not unexpected!

After a night in Dallas...
Sunrise over
North Central Texas
7 April 2013

Hello Mr. Robin. Get small!
Robins sheltering
from wintry conditions
9 April 2013

Version One. More to come.
The morning after
the night before
10 April 2013

After a few days of this, you're ready for summer, gotta admit...
Sunrise and frozen
12 April 2013

Photo  2013 Mike Willcox
Nice, warm, dry
gorge in Idaho
13 April 2013 *

While we were wallowing in snow, Kara & Mike were enjoying a
beautiful, temperate Boise Springtime. Hope they enjoyed that...

Photo  2013 Mike & Kara Willcox
Pretty doggone cute!
Kara wearing it well
14 April 2013 *

Despite the cold, the water kept flowing.
I guess she was right
to start up the pond
15 April 2013

Anybody want this cat?
Wild beast stalking
the photographer
15 April 2013

I've photographed this before, but it's still so amazing to me...
Split streams in
the upper pond area
16 April 2013

Hello. I am Winter.
Snot-cicle on the
aluminum eagle
16 April 2013

I was lucky enough to not have to work during
the snowiest days. Otherwise, I would have subject to my hospital's
snow plan, which can be, compared to my home life, sheer tyranny.

I dug this path for the cat...
Pathway from the shed
to the back porch
16 April 2013

Wind-sculpted formations
Interesting icicles on
the Japanese lilac
19 April 2013

Amazing plants, these!
Grape hyacinthes
in the snow...
19 April 2013

Bunnies eat spark plug cables. Bunnies must die.
Evil bunny tracks.
Bunnies must die.
19 April 2013

Gosh, it's so warm here, Mom. I'm makin' ice cream today. Bye-bye!
Kara in Boise,
makin' ice cream.
20 April 2013 *

While we were mired in snow, Mike & Kara were
eating ice cream. Home-made ice cream.

Oh, man.

Boy. I love ice cream.
Mike said this was
par excellence
20 April 2013 *

You should look up Ruby Ridge...
Randy Weaver's door.
Ruby Ridge Booty.
22 April 2013 *

Mmm. No way I'm doing this again. Maybe.
Poker Night at
the Boykin's
26 April 2013

Makes me want to smoke again...
Ah. A fine ceegar.
Ante up, Y'all!
26 April 2013

Okay. They're all officially adults.
Cigars & Poker.
Whatcha gonna do?
26 April 2013

We had Eli's graduation coming upon us.
He brought some fine cigars back from the Turks & Caicos.
He shared them with his poker buddies.

I dont get this kinda lenience
Busted... NOT!
An aromatic moment.
26 April 2013

Crappy rock, but better than nothing!
"Anne" (5.6)
Greg cleans da rocks.
28 April 2013

Guernsey's a bit low on water right now...
Guernsey Reservoir,
mostly shallow...
28 April 2013

The mountain is 10,272 feet.
Laramie Peak from
west of Guernsey
28 April 2013

Greg & I explored the sedimentary rocks
surrounding Guernsey Reservoir, just a few hours North of here.
Our brief respite from winter conditions came to an end...

De facto wilderness...
The Laramie Range,
North of Wheatland
28 April 2013

It ain't over 'til it's over.
Pretty nice day...
Izzat a snowflake??
30 April 2013

I was right, too!
Bet there's no
school tomorrow
30 April 2013

Tiny snowflakes. LOTS of snowflakes.
An hour before the
month of May...
30 April 2013

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