April, 2013

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March was the wrap up for the winter... went out like a lion.

...aaand... ACTION!
GoPro test shot,
late night low light
2 March 2013

The ground blizzard gets rolling...
Slithering blizzard
on Reese Road
4 March 2013

Mmm. Chocolate.
Ultimate cigars for
the expectant daddy
8 March 2013

It's probably a Pinterest thing...
Jenna & Alissa
moment the iPad
9 March 2013

Next selection: a song by Robert Zimmerman
Late at night,
when all is quiet
9 March 2013

There were a few slow nights at work, and I had a new
camera to show our resident expert photographers, Mary & Bryant.

Eloquent & dashing...
Maybe just a little
too much coffee
11 March 2013

Mary thinks I'm putting her on...
It's a cell phone,
and a cattle prod?!
11 March 2013

Oh yeah. Feelin' the burn.
OUCH!!! Yes!
That's the button!!
11 March 2013

Everyone helps in the kitchen...
Jacob, Eli & Taylor
clean up after supper
12 March 2013

It can get a little crowded in here...
Can you feel the
buzz of testosterone?
12 March 2013

Abe & Syd rolled through town on their way
to Salt Lake City, which called for a grand feast. Also, from Austin,
Brianna sent this great photo of Josh & his buddies at SXSW.

Syd & Abe were in town. For the game!
A fierce game of
Mexican Train. ¡Arriba!
16 March 2013

Ella no se habla Español
Jenna must have
missed the train!
16 March 2013

They always work in pairs
Alissa helps Abe get
the edge on Syd
16 March 2013

All this mexican training makes him thirsty
Taylor filches agua
during the big game
16 March 2013

Play ball!
Josh & his team
of SXSW volunteers
17 March 2013 *

Eli's final season of high school wrestling ended with the team banquet.

Alissa & I attended with Eli
Wrestling banquet,
end of the season
20 March 2013

This is where many of the wrestlers squirmed the most!
Senior moment with
Coach Trujillo
20 March 2013

When's the toga party, Mike??
Pi Sigma Alpha
initiation. Boise, ID
20 March 2013

(Do you believe that dogs actually think??)
They may be dumb,
but they're not deef
21 March 2013

This was our fizzling storm of the century...
A little more snow,
2nd day of Spring
21 March 2013

Mike & Kara came back to Cheyenne for the baby shower.
This was the first time I'd ever been to a baby shower, I think!
On the 30th, we left the High Plains for the Turks & Caicos...

Renee & Alissa put this all together
Shower victuals,
Boy Oh Boy!
24 March 2013

Turbo got more stuff than Carter has pills
Kara & Mike in
days of Pre-Turbo
24 March 2013

Edgar's last trimester as an Only Dog
A boy & his dog
are inseparable
26 March 2013

I love Spring!
Spring in Wyoming.
Need the moisture.
26 March 2013

We were ready to eat. Again.
Evening of our 2nd
Turks & Caicos day
31 March 2013

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