March, 2013

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Eli's first match at Ron Thon Tournament in Riverton. 1 February 2013.

Early in the month, Eli was in the Ron Thon Tournament with
his Cheyenne East High teammates. Although he had a hard-fought victory his first match,
he was subsequently eliminated with two consecutive losses thereafter. Ron Thon's tough.

Okay, this is really a picture of Abner, I guess...
Taylor getting ready for
Dress-up Day at school
5 February 2013

He said he really had to get going now, Dad...
Walking out the door
on Dress-up Day
5 February 2013

Some people would call these cabbage rolls.
Bless the coumadin.
Kraut burger time.
7 February 2013

One for the grandchildren...
Sugar Plum Tree's
winter habitat
7 February 2013

It's Jenna's birthday!
Jenna & Alissa
just hanging out
7 February 2013

Heck of a month. There was Jenna's birthday.
There was dancing in Texas. Karate chopping in Boise.
Sardines in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Yep. Verdant.

Birthday Girl! 22 today!
"It's my birthday!"
Jenna turns 22
7 February 2013

From Gruene, Texas
From Brianna, at the
oldest Texas dance hall
9 February 2013

Someone's opened
a tin of stinky fish!
9 February 2013

Eli's Game Room
Need a password
to get in here...
17 February 2013

Yep. It's a Willcox ultrasound
Guess who?!
Seeya later!
21 February 2013

We had some good news from Boise.
OMG, we're gonna have a munchkin to spoil!

The Beginning, Chapter 2
Celebrate! If you
don't know yet, well...
23 February 2013

Alissa's custom-made BBQ furnishings
Alissa's seating plan
for the barbeque
27 February 2013

Another one of Alissa's bird houses
Snag's dead, but still
good for something
27 February 2013

Resource Waters
Snow Fence Green:
Water those trees!
27 February 2013

I was testing my camera lenses this day.
Sort of explains things a little bit, I guess.

It's the sound of Freedom...
Wyoming Nat'l Guard
C-130 in the skies
27 February 2013

Sun through ice. Too short to climb.
Thin ice conditions,
the back yard.
27 February 2013

This was an official measure of one inch of snow!
Dog Kennel drift,
Officially One Inch!
27 February 2013

The official date of release of this next video was mid-February,
but Taylor constructed & illustrated this intro for his
East High School daily announcements TV show. Nice!

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