February, 2013

These pictures appeared on the February, 2013 main page.

January was an intensive month
for wrestling, amongst other things.

The new championship singlets, modeled by the Varsity wrestlers
East Varsity model the
championship singlets
January 2013

I think all the team received a medal
East placed 3rd
at the Wright Duals
5 January 2013

Ready. Photo by Uncle Sam.
Freedom, we say.
Keeping us safe.
5 January 2013

The Supper of Coumadin Champions
Low Vitamin K supper.
Adapt and conquer.
7 January 2013

Besting his worthy opponent. Photo by Heidi Romsa
Favorable moment at
the East/Natrona Dual
10 January 2013

It got cold, and snowy!

The end is near... Photo by Heidi Romsa
Getting the pin,
East/Natrona Dual
10 January 2013

I liked the sunlight on the trees, so I snapped this with my phone camera while I was leaving work
Incoming weather at
the local hospital
11 January 2013

Later that morning...
Hey. Where's my
little truc- oh...
11 January 2013

Waiting room for the Fuller Brush man
A little dusting as
the tempest rages
11 January 2013

No you can't come in yet!
Abner & Amos,
kicked out again
11 January 2013

A period of snow was followed with a distant
wrestling invitational in Green River, Wyoming.

Northerly winds...
Not a single
bat in sight!
11 January 2013

Uh-oh. The cornice broke.
More instability
in the snow pack
11 January 2013

It's a nice change from drought!
Uh-oh. It's a
11 January 2013

Mike's ice rig...
Mike's gone fishin'.
Near Boise, Idaho
17 January 2013

Douglas  Vs. Cheyenne East here... Photo by Heidi Romsa
Thoman Invitational
in Green River
18 January 2013

Meanwhile, we get pictures! From Boise and from Austin...

Photo by Heidi Romsa
Eli & Opponent,
back to neutral
18 January 2013

Photo by Josh & Brianna
Josh having fun
in Austin, Texas
21 January 2013

Photo by Josh & Brianna
Brianna phoning in
from Austin, TX
21 January 2013

Photo by Josh & Brianna
Mural display,
Austin, Texas
21 January 2013

Self-portrait of Kara looking for her toothbrush...
Getting ready in
Boise, Idaho
24 January 2013

With our Canon camera on the fritz, we are resorting
to using camera phones until I get the real camera fixed!

Photo by Heidi Romsa
Eli Vs Sheridan
wrestler at a dual
26 January 2013

Android image
New boots are
made for walking!
28 January 2013

Alissa Pinteresting,
Eli mango-ing
30 January 2013

Taken at 75 MPH!
Laramie Pk & clouds,
South of Douglas
31 January 2013

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remote photos by Mike & Kara, and Josh & Brianna

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