January, 2013

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The month began with the conclusion of the
Evanston Invitational, followed by a long drive back to Cheyenne.

Photo by Heidi Romsa
East High won the
Evanston Invitational
1 December 2012

Hey Dad, when's Mom gettin' back?
Man-made tuna
casserole. Hum.
4 December 2012

At Mingles, with a new toy...
Jenna gets herself
a nice pool cue...
6 December 2012

Megan & Jenna in the foreground
Keep your distance!
It's Candy Time...
7 December 2012

Keepin' that leg up, like the Doctors said to.
Rolling a big tray
of peanut butter balls
7 December 2012

Jenna, Megan & Gramma joined Alissa for
the marathon Christmas candy-making event.

Our niece has been gleaning culinary skills from Aunt Alissa
Megan makes the
sweet cherry delights
7 December 2012

No, really! Lumps of Coal. A new one for us.
Gramma & Jenna work
on lumps of coal...
7 December 2012

Final step for Peanut Butter Balls
Jenna gets chocolate
on the peanut butter
7 December 2012

3 weeks ago, we didn't see this being possible.
Group hug in the
aprons Alissa made
7 December 2012

Waiting for his next match
Charlie Lake Tourney:
Eli awaits Match 3
8 December 2012

The first half of the wrestling season was closing
with, amongst other comps, the Bison Bonanza.

Photo by Heidi Romsa
Eli topping his
worthy opponent
15 December 2012

Photo by Heidi Romsa
In the Finals:
Eli placed second
15 December 2012

Photo by the Wilcoxes
Meanwhile in Idaho
Edgar sniffs the air
17 December 2012

Android image from the 6th Floor at CRMC
Weather dropping in on
downtown Cheyenne
17 December 2012

Tuff Cat!
Defective barn cat
behind Door #2
19 December 2012

Finally, the weather we'd been waiting for came,
and with a vengeance. Yes, we have missed it!

No school for our boys today...
Good morning,
Poverty Flats!
19 December 2012

Home from work, despite the enacted Snow Plan!
I had fun getting
home from work today
19 December 2012

I was going 10 MPH when I took this exposure.
Ground blizzard on
northern Reese Road
20 December 2012

Android image
After the windstorm:
food garden & tree
23 December 2012

Mmm. I think we're gonna eat this.
Festive spice wreath
from Mike & Kara
23 December 2012

What with numerous other extended family members stranded on the roads across America,
we were relieved to see Brianna & Josh arrive safely and uneventfully from Texas.

Schmartphone image
Brianna & Josh
sharing a sofa
23 December 2012

Schmartphone image
Self portrait of a
goofy Yours Truly
23 December 2012

Mirth. It's contagious.
Young guns lined up
for a Yule feast
24 December 2012

Suspicious eyes... am I being punked?!
Unbridled Christmas
Feasting. Thank God.
24 December 2012

Josh looks natural at the head of the table!
North end of the
Christmas table
24 December 2012

We had a nice little Christmas Eve supper for twelve at our house,
and we managed to finish off most of a hefty hunk of meat.
This was followed by a little gift exchange...

Can't believe I ate the whole thing!
Josh, Carl & Megan
recover from supper
24 December 2012

Too full for pie yet!
Hot cider, Ginger punch
or coffee. Post-feast.
24 December 2012

More cool things for her Christmas locker!
Megan's present to
her Aunt Alissa. Delight!
24 December 2012

Boys & knives. Like leaves on trees.
Eli handling his nice
new blade from Carl
24 December 2012

Alpinism & Space Exploration. Like Peas & Carrots!
Everyone liked the
books Jenna gave me
24 December 2012

Visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.
Okay, not sugarplums. More like slumber was calling.
The obligatory wait for Santa Claus was pretty short!

Can't believe I ate the whole thing!
The stockings...
... at 2409 Hours
24 December 2012

The kids & Gramma put up the tree for Alissa this year.
Den Christmas Tree
at 2413 Hours
24 December 2012

Ready for Santa to get here!
A Father Christmas
smile at 2414 Hours.
24 December 2012

Okay. It's Christmas morning, after all...
Jenna and the cat,
Christmas Day
25 December 2012

Will you wake up more if I do THIS!?
The boys discuss
Ear-boxing Day.
25 December 2012

Our time of opening Christmas presents was brief,
but satisfying. I love watching a face curl up in surprised joy.

Alissa getting breakfast ready
Gathered round the
island for tea & coffee
25 December 2012

Let's go open presents!
Avarice Time! Let's go,
Let's go, let's GO!!
25 December 2012

Today, Jenna would become the animal magnet...
Jenna & Cat reflect
on a Christmas Morn.
25 December 2012

Uh-oh. Need additional ape index!
Taylor & Eli try on
new sport jackets
25 December 2012

He can't decide which one to wear!
Josh is delighted with
Alissa's hat presents
25 December 2012

We followed the traditions of Christmas well into the night,
and engaged in an 8-episode Harry Potter marathon.

Taylor enjoys some primal urges
Nothing quite matches
popping bubble wrap!
25 December 2012

Might be the dogs... or the morning...
Why must the dogs
be in the middle?
25 December 2012

Home-made present from Josh & Brianna
A little taste of
25 December 2012

Note the pile of shredded gift wrap!
A fine Christmas
being had by all!
25 December 2012

Two cats, two dogs, billions of mites...
Jenna attracts all
four animals today!
25 December 2012

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