November, 2012

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Here's Great Hope for a hard winter.
We want snow. WE WANT SNOW!

Redgarden Wall
Redgarden Wall,
Eldorado Canyon, Colo.
2 October 2012

Spot the climber!
Wind Tower, Eldorado
Canyon, Colorado
2 October 2012

Still have the dirt on them!
Fresh from the
pumpkin patch
3 October 2012

No rest for the wicked!
Gonna work,
gonna eat...
3 October 2012

It was a good year for punkins.
All washed up &
ready to... smash!
4 October 2012

East beat Rock Springs on Senior Night.
The weather went a little beyond "crisp" a few times...

Senior Night
The letter jacket,
Senior Night
5 October 2012

It was cold. And it was cool!
A night for the
folks, at the game
5 October 2012

He's glad we could be there!
Senior Night,
East Vs. Rock Spgs
5 October 2012

Promise of good winter...
Patio snow,
the morning after
7 October 2012

An ash tree in autumn
Autumn ash colors,
Loveland, Colorado
11 October 2012

In Eldorado Canyon, Colorado, Rob & I climbed the "Anthill" route.
We were benighted, but got down okay. We were rained out the following day on the West Ridge.
Also, I learned that I probably need to call in sick on my days off, and that Boise Cupcakes are a good omen.

This is the first pitch of the route
Rob leading "Anthill,"
Eldorado Canyon, CO.
11 October 2012

The expansive West Ridge of Eldorado Canyon, Colorado
Eldorado Canyon's
long West Ridge
12 October 2012

Mm. '80's sport coat, 501's... it's Retro Man! Photo by Alissa.
Inservices on my
precious Day Off.
15 October 2012

It's crazy to think that Colorado is an all-Obama state.
Rob's neighbors have
some buyers' remorse!
16 October 2012

REALLY good stuff!
Goodies from
Boise, Idaho
19 October 2012

Mom, Dad, Tracey & Neal went to West Virginia's Greenbrier campus
for its 200th anniversary, & Taylor smashed some punkins...

'We were just talking about... stuff,' Taylor says
Taylor & Eli
20 October 2012

Photo by Tracey Phillips
Neal, Moose & Papa,
Greenbrier, West Va.
21 October 2012

Perfect place to roost for a defective cat.
Amos is sad.
Be sad, dog.
22 October 2012

It's a Thunderbird TV project, folks!
Taylor & friends
smashing pumpkins
23 October 2012

It's a Thunderbird TV project, folks!
Insane clown
project, Halloween
23 October 2012

A few days of decent weather changed to a few days
of snow. As cold as it was, we were ready.

Smash it! Smash it!!
Destructo crescendo,
the TBTV project
23 October 2012

More promise of a hard winter...
Snow falling in
the cold, dark night
24 October 2012

Putting the fish to sleep...
The Angst Pond,
in heavy weather
24 October 2012

We no speak English.
Dogs interpreting
foreign language
24 October 2012

Good Morning!
A fine new
morning for you
26 October 2012

East beast Central by nearly fifty points,
and Fall moved toward Winter in quick succession.

It's a colder day for Central High...
East Vs. Central,
in bitter weather
26 October 2012

It was night of endless fondue...
Eli & Taylor enjoying
fondue, Ft Collins
27 October 2012

Must. Keep. Knife. Straight!
Eli paying close
30 October 2012

Must. Concentrate...
Taylor avoiding
30 October 2012

Scary Melons
30 October 2012

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