October, 2012

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Summer has officially ended.
All Hail the Autumnal Equinox! Huzzah!

Chimineas also make good shredders!
Squeezing some heat
out of the prunings
1 September 2012

Greg did the right-hand variation
Climbing "William," the
Holdout, Vedauwoo
2 September 2012

Greg following the 2nd pitch
Greg on the 2nd
pitch of "William"
2 September 2012

I didn't have the nerve to complete the exit moves above the last bolt!
"Right Parallel Space,"
at the Nautilus
2 September 2012

Composite photo panorama, from atop the Holdout
Motorboat Rock (left)
& the Nautilus
2 September 2012

Curious weather we're having:
the monsoon weather is two months late!

Cloyd's specialty is the excellent rock faschia
The BBQ completed,
save for minor details
2 September 2012

A little blurry, but isn't that artsy?
Multicolored sunset
from the front yard
2 September 2012

But then...
Moisture-laden clouds
writhing overhead
2 September 2012

This day, it never DID rain...
Empty threats of
aerial moisture...
2 September 2012

Idaho Tomatoes!
Kara's gonna taste
fruit of her labors!
3 September 2012

Labor Day Holiday: in Cheyenne, we barbecued. Meanwhile, In Boise,
Mike & Kara target-practiced (Mike with a camera, Kara with ballistics). And speaking of
ballistics, Megan nailed a cottontail, accidentally, with a blithely tossed piece of gravel. Oops.

'Practicing her 2nd Amendment rights,' Mikey says
That's a big rifle.
Jeez. I want one!
3 September 2012

Umm. Okay, she can handle that, too.
Kara practicing her
firearm safety. Boise
3 September 2012

Don't make me touch it!!
Carl does Megan's
dirty work. Lucky girl!
3 September 2012

Photo by Rob Kelman
Route-smithing on
Blair 3, Blair-Wallis
4 September 2012

Photo by Rob Kelman
Ben ledge-crawling
high on Blair 3
4 September 2012

Rob Kelman has an infinite list of things to do (Only my wife has more
stuff on her list). This is one his many things... Ryan Anderson is lending us a capable hand.

Guy with the most ergs comes last, dragging all the heavy stuff! Photo by Rob Kelman
Ryan follows "geri's"
on Blair 3
4 September 2012

Photo by Rob Kelman
Unperturbed, Ryan
rises to his feet
4 September 2012

Photo by Rob Kelman.
First attempt today,
on an exit crack
4 September 2012

Photo by Rob Kelman
I melted down this
time. Got it later.
4 September 2012

Photo by, & feet of, Rob Kelman
Installing rappel
bolts on Blair 3
4 September 2012

Taylor had a bit of fun with his Uncle Dan, who is fond of pranks!
Our chubby pug Amos went missing. Eventually, he was located
at a house behind us, 1200 feet away. Idiot dog couldn't see our house!

It makes me wonder what Danny looked like!
Taylor displays his
badge of honor
9 September 2012

He wandered off with some friendly kids...
"Missing Dog" poster.
We have good neighbors!
10 September 2012

I caught this golden eagle on film over our house
He's probably looking
for ol' Amos too!
11 September 2012

He alit in the aspens up front.
Anybody seen a
plump, tasty dog?
11 September 2012

Minions of galvanizing vats
Brianna's flamingo-
eating monsterites
11 September 2012

One night I was puttering around in the garage when I spotted
a 5-inch tiger salamander waddling across the dry concrete floor.
Obviously, he was lost. After a photo session, I released him into one of our gardens.

Sal, the wayward Tiger
"Call me Sal," he
said. "Got bugs?"
12 September 2012

This was a text message to Eli...
Hello My Son. Your
uniform is clean!
14 September 2012

At Lincoln Center, Fort Collins
With Mary & Rob at
Lincoln Center, Ft Collins
14 September 2012

'You're gonna make us ALL late,' Alissa said
Fort Collins in
an operatic twilight
14 September 2012

Melissa's & Tracy's wedding
Des & Alissa
at the wedding
15 September 2012

On the 14th, we went to "Daughter of the Regiment" (an opera) with Rob & Mary Kelman,
and the next day, Alissa & I went to Melissa's & Tracy's wedding at Little America in Cheyenne.

Even in low lighting, Bryant is behaving quite well!
Brittany & Bryant
at the wedding
15 September 2012

Oy there, Angel!
Angel having herself
a real good time
15 September 2012

I was catching up with Rob & Ryan, took some photos with my cell phone...
Blair 1 from the
trail to the South,
18 September 2012

He's done this route dozens of times
Rob, 1st pitch of
"Petite Arbre"
18 September 2012

Ryan usually rappels from nothing larger than shoe strings...
Ryan descends from
Blair 1, Vedauwoo
18 September 2012

Interesting atmospheric disturbances.
I just go to work... the sky doesn't change... much...

Taylor spinning
quarters at home
21 September 2012

I took this picture on the way to work...
Com trail overhead,
Cheyenne, Wyoming
24 September 2012

They grow very well in this environ
Punkins in the
water feature
25 September 2012

Cloyd finished it all up.
The BBQ is all
totally finished
25 September 2012

Vedauwoo is ablaze with autumn color
Brilliant autumn
at Blair-Wallis
30 September 2012

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