September, 2012

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So many projects this summer,
that I needed some comic relief....

Wrapped my head with paper tape for the photo...
Free time in
the locker room
1 August 2012

A work in progress
The outdoor kitchen
in progress
5 August 2012

The shed getting a collar
Another Alissa project
around the shed
5 August 2012

Taylor correcting his wardrobe...
Eli & Taylor
at Holy Saturday
5 August 2012

The rappel is overhanging for 80 feet
Eli descending Holy
, Vedauwoo
5 August 2012

Eli, Taylor & I climbed Hideaway Chimney
on the Holy Saturday crag at Vedauwoo.

Taylor above, Eli below
The Holy Saturday
rappel, Vedauwoo.
5 August 2012

Autumn is coming
Purple coneflowers
in early autumn,
5 August 2012

But, Gramma...
Family meeting
at Angst Pond,
5 August 2012

We have good Hosta blossoms!
Hosta blossoms
in Wyoming
5 August 2012

Upper pond fountain
Beautiful sprays,
The upper pond,
7 August 2012

Shots from the yard:
Projects & leisure...

Alissa's surprise to me...
Grumpy's Pond
(Yours Truly)
9 August 2012

Alissa moving irises
around her garden
9 August 2012

The iris patch
gets a makeover
9 August 2012

The upper pond
The mermaid says
to chill out...
9 August 2012

Sumac trying to
take over...
9 August 2012

Pictures from Boise: Dan & his kids
Trenton & Megan, visited Kara & Mike.
Hottest summer in almost 14 years...

These turned red & were delicious!
Tomatoes in
big containers...
9 August 2012

Peace Rose...
The Peace Rose,
in early bloom
9 August 2012

Master Gardener
Alissa amongst the
flowers for coffee
9 August 2012

Cousin Megan & Kara
Megan & Kara, in
the heat of the day
10 August 2012

Kara & Cousin Trenton
Kara & Cousin Trenton,
Way-hot Boise
10 August 2012

While Dan, Trenton & Megan were dousing
in the Boise River, we were languishing
in the heat of Summer...

Mike & Trenton on the Boise River
Mike & Trenton,
Boise River
10 August 2012

Freemans on the Boise River
Megan, Dan & Trenton,
on the Boise River
10 August 2012

Go, Trenton!
Trenton on the fly,
on the Boise River.
10 August 2012

It opened up realll nice...
Alissa's Peace Rose
in the Garden...
12 August 2012

Alkaline apples...
Wyoming apples,
grown at home
18 August 2012

Mike climbed the highest peak
in Idaho this month, Borah Peak. He has designs
on Everest. I'm trying to talk
him out of that... (sheer jealousy)

Climbing route finishes on the right skyline. Photo by Mike Willcox
Borah Peak (12,667')
Idaho's high point
17 August 2012

Mike near the famous Chicken-out Ridge. Photo by Mike Willcox
Mike nearing the
crux of the climb
18 August 2012

The obligatory summit shot! Photo by Mike Willcox
12, 667 feet...
Borah Peak summit
18 August 2012

Definitely a newlywed trait! Photo by Mike Willcox
He did the next best
thing to bringing Kara
18 August 2012

The upper part of the route. Photo by Mike Willcox
Upper portion of
Idaho's Borah Peak
18 August 2012

Closer to home,
there was a flurry of cragging
at Blair-Wallis near Vedauwoo, and at Jug Dome in Colorado

Eli belaying Greg on 'Le Petit Arbre'
Squeak & Eli on
Blair One
19 August 2012

Pure crack climbing at Blair-Wallis
Eli following the
steep first pitch
19 August 2012

'Le Petit Arbre' itself and Eli...
Eli ascends the
hard 2nd pitch
19 August 2012

Emerging onto the upper slabs of Jug Dome, Colorado
Taylor emerges onto
upper slabs, Jug Dome
20 August 2012

This is the second rappel, which finally reaches the ground
Descent via rappel,
Jug Dome, Colorado
20 August 2012

We had some atypical weather for August.
Finally, we were getting afternoon thundershowers.
Inconvenient at times, but necessary...

This watercourse is known as 'The Black Tube.'
Heavy weather
at Jug Dome
20 August 2012

You can't keep a good man down!
Happy to be dry
in a thunderstorm
20 August 2012

That big camming device is called a Valley Giant
Stolid approach march
up to Limbo Rock
21 August 2012

At the big, vertical crack, you crawl forward...
Rob on "Barb Wire,"
Limbo Rock, Vedauwoo
21 August 2012

This was a 1st ascent, as far as we know...
The crack above might
go, but not today!
21 August 2012

Yep. I had an unprecedented 4 consecutive days of climbing
in one week, something I haven't been able to do for awhile...

As far as we knew, this was a first ascent
Jim Brink on Limbo's
"Crack to Nowhere"
22 August 2012

Jim lead this right-side-in, and it was a BEAR
Jim on another
offwidth at Limbo
22 August 2012

Facing left-side-in, I was able to follow this route clean
Ben following Jim's
lead, Limbo Rock
22 August 2012

Just passin' through town!
The Lee family stopped
by work to visit!
24 August 2012

Chatting with Mary...
Mike catching up
on the skinny...
24 August 2012

Eli spent his 18th birthday suited up for an East High football game,
followed the next day with a solo-with-friends trip to Elitch Gardens.
No pictures from that. Just thought I should mention it...

Another Alissa project, in Gnomewood
Crystal dew drop
in Gnomewood
26 August 2012

Usually the hostas get beaten to death by the weather...
Hostas having a
big, lush year
26 August 2012

Enjoy them while you can, they'll be frosted soon...
Hosta blossoms, in
their big hurrah
26 August 2012

Locally handmade
Custom-made birdhouse,
license-plate roof
26 August 2012

Pastoral scenery at Blair-Wallis
Autumn colors are
coming a bit early
30 August 2012

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