August, 2012

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Despite a hotter-than-usual summer,
the flowers are thriving.

Almost like hand-painted paper flowers...
Brilliant violas
in the back yard
9 July 2012

Once again, maybe due to a hot summer.
Compact & demure,
bantam yellow roses
9 July 2012

A few days before the marigolds received a sprinkler of their own
Creeping thyme and
a line of marigolds
9 July 2012

Sky lighting, version 1
The sky, the shed,
the colorful daylight
9 July 2012

Sky lighting, inverse
Inverse sky,
the Angst pond
9 July 2012

July is monsoon season. At least it's supposed to be.
We had a lot of thunder, but rain was sparingly scattered.

Taylor, belayed by Greg
Taylor climbs at the
Nautilus, Vedauwoo.
9 July 2012

Good lighting in the overcast
Greg belays Taylor
on "Cornelius."
9 July 2012

Forgot his pool pass
Thompson's ground
squirrel: a "squeeny"
12 July 2012

Down by the big pond
Alissa's latest
home project
12 July 2012

It's interactive. It blinks at night.
Alissa's newspaper
box, well-lit
12 July 2012

Everyone who knows me, knows I work, and then
I slack about. Alissa, on the other hand,
is an overachiever with all of her projects!

One of our little green apples.
One of our apples,
a Wyoming rarity
12 July 2012

Candy apple red... you can't miss 'em!
Alissa's re-painted
retro lawn table
12 July 2012

We got this bear in 1997...
Alissa re-painted
her little bearfriend*
15 July 2012

The Eastern sky.
Awoke early &
framed Pre-Dawn
19 July 2012

This is at a crag called Blair 3
Greg and Rob,
waiting out thunder
20 July 2012

Despite the heat, it's good to get out
to the crags. The yard's too busy!
The boys went to Austin, Texas for a week to visit
Josh & Brianna. Alas, I have no pictures...

Greg on Blair 3's 'Sweet Variation' crack
Greg leading at
20 July 2012

Just a few hours from Boise...
Kara & Mike on a
little camping foray**
21 July 2012

Good to see somebody getting wayyy out there...
Mike fishing at
Trinity Lakes, Idaho**
21 July 2012

A meat eater has arrived...
Mr. Robin on a
hunt for meat
21 July 2012

A whole month without getting in a fight!
Little Ol' Abner,
injury-free for now!
21 July 2012

Alissa was working on a stained glass window
for the garage. My truck was banished until it was
completed (work space). Didn't take her long, though...

Merrill's old Allis-Chalmers tractor
Old Allis-Chalmers,
new driveway gravel
21 July 2012

Cut. Fit. Grind. Fit again. Repeat.
A new window
in the making
21 July 2012

She vacuumed the sludge out of the pond before she installed this little fountain
More aeration and
a little more light
23 July 2012

A lovely night at home
No turmoil at
the Angst pond
23 July 2012

 2012 by Taylor Boykin
Taylor's Arkoola is
a boogie machine
25 July 2012

When all the detail work is done,
She summons the drones...

The window faces East, over the Angst pond
Husband and a very
cautious tack hammer*
25 July 2012

She designed this one herself.
The pond window
installed at last
25 July 2012

That's the face of Rapture...
Alissa beholds her
25 July 2012

Hey Mom: can we have this when you're dead??
Taylor & Eli contem-
plate the heirloom...
25 July 2012

Jeanie is one of Merrill's little sisters. REALLY little!
Merrill & Aunt Jeanie
with Cousin Acelyn
29 July 2012

Alissa's Aunt Jeanie came to visit from Indiana.
She brought her grandkids Acelyn & Bryan along, and
everyone went to the Frontier Days rodeo...

Cousin Bryan jumped in the pond!
Cousin Bryan dries out
after a quick swim*
29 July 2012

Em fisher friendly, Bryan!
Getting in touch
with nature...*
29 July 2012

A nice little cooking fire
Hobo dinners:
Eli tending fire*
29 July 2012

That's refreshing!
A little rain but
the fire stayed lit.*
29 July 2012

One of the daylilies of a different color
A unique daylily
amongst many
30 July 2012

The boys ordered some custom Converse All-Stars.
They designed them in their high school colors. Go, East!

This is a very interesting plant...
The very strange and
interesting smokebush
30 July 2012

Tar paper & gravel = a decent shed floor.
Alissa surveys the new
shed floor in progress
30 July 2012

Eli & Taylor are such jokers!
The package has finally
arrived!!! *
30 July 2012

Classes of 2013 & 2014!
All-Star Boogaloo:
East High Chucks!*
30 July 2012

* Photos by Alissa, Taylor & Eli Boykin
** Photos by Mike & Kara Willcox

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