July, 2012

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June started with Abner getting in a fight again.
Eli attended Wrestling Camp in Pagosa Springs, Colorado...

Poor li'l Abner! Cell Phone image
Think he has a
"small dog" complex?
1 June 2012

Varying degrees of abrasion...
Eli at camp in
Pagosa Springs, CO
3 June 2012

Lookin' good this year!
Moss roses in
a strawberry pot
6 June 2012

Growing in the iris patch. Cell phone image
Wild Primrose
in the iris patch
6 June 2012

I think there's some Snow-In-Summer too...
Clematis & others
on the arbor
6 June 2012

Brianna came to town. She was the maid of honor at
her good friend Ashlee's wedding...

Finally! The monsoon gave us a tease...
The weather showed up
finally. Hot summer!
6 June 2012

Good lighting in the overcast
Pink peonies in
subdued lighing.
6 June 2012

Rain drops keep
fallin' on my...
6 June 2012

Checking the flowers...
Alissa & Brianna
tour the patio
6 June 2012

Even lawn jockeys gotta have some rest time...
Good weather
for fishin'...
6 June 2012

Meanwhile, Taylor was visiting Italy!
This was a trip with his art class.

Photo by Taylor Boykin
Fontana dei Quattro
Fiumi, Rome
6 June 2012

Photo by Taylor Boykin
Fontana del Moro (1653)
Piazza Navona, Rome
6 June 2012

Photo by Taylor Boykin
The oculus of the
Pantheon (A.D. 118)
6 June 2012

Photo by Taylor Boykin
Rome's Colosseum,
built A.D. 79
7 June 2012

Photo by Taylor Boykin
Giotto's Duomo,
Florence (1359)
7 June 2012

While Taylor was overseas, we carried on
with a few adventures of our own...

Lightin' up the room
Brianna lights up
the whole room
8 June 2012

More renovation
Alissa moving the
8 June 2012

Biggest bug you ever ate...
Lobsta boil on
the High Plains
8 June 2012

Thompson's ground squirrel: Squeenies!
Kitty has a
new toy today!
8 June 2012

Photo by Taylor Boykin
Italian lawn jockey,
Florence, Italy
9 June 2012

Eli had his wisdom teeth removed one fine morning.
We also prepped for a new concrete pad
on the back porch.

Photo by Taylor Boykin
If you have to ask,
you should buy a book
9 June 2012

Part of a master plan...
Scraping out a
dry creek bed.
9 June 2012

Like the drone of a beehive...
Buncha Chatty Cathies
in the kitchen...
10 June 2012

Eli sleeping off
the anesthesia
11 June 2012

Rob turns 82 this year!
Rob Kelman leading
at Vedauwoo
11 June 2012

Father's Day came up, and all my sisters
flew down to Texas to honor our dad!

A great day not to be at the doctor's office!
Squeak belays Rob
on "Coldfinger"
11 June 2012

Lovin' it! Clearly.
Taylor in Venice
on a gondola
11 June 2012

Photo by Taylor Boykin
Overland Sunset,
Apennines, Italy
12 June 2012

Daughters & Papa: Tracey, Cindy, Dad, Bonnie & Tami.
Father's Day in
Big Ol' Texas
16 June 2012

The purr machine and the healing young man
Metro watches over
her Eli everlastingly
16 June 2012

We have been humanely capturing gophers
and releasing them. To Jesus.
Also had a grill base poured. Too big a project to do myself.

Don't wake him...
Amos & Taylor
in the game room
16 June 2012

I didn't think this would look as cool as it does. Nice job, Alissa!
Dry creek bed &
Gnomewood Bridge
19 June 2012

Eugene's ready for a swim!
Eugene forgot his
swimming trunks.
19 June 2012

Ode to Eugene & his cousins...
Home of Alissa's
future outdoor grill
20 June 2012

Photo by Mike Willcox
Ride, Kara, ride!
Boise River, Idaho
23 June 2012

Mike & Kara did some adventuring along the Boise River.
We also did some climbing, between projects...

Photo by Kara Willcox, most likely...
Pedal, Mikey, pedal!
Boise River, Idaho
23 June 2012

Taylor & Rob were on a rope together this day.
Taylor belays Rob
at the Nautilus
25 June 2012

Thunderstorm breaktime
Squeak & Bub
break for rain.
25 June 2012

The finish is harder than it looks!
Taylor exits a route,
Rodeo Drive Rocks
25 June 2012

Photo by Alissa
Eli & Taylor work
on Mom's fence
26 June 2012

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