June, 2012

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Spring in Wyoming is predictably unpredictable,
and when the wind is relentless, we seek respite indoors...

The unsinkable home-made pecan pie.
Nevermind the wind.
Have some pie.
3 May 2012

Heirlooms begin here...
Workstation Alissa:
the remote's location
3 May 2012

Saved from the wind...
Lilac blossom trophies
captured and vased
9 May 2012

I don't know what this plant is called
Bonus flowers of
nature's grout
9 May 2012

Heck, it's nearly summer!
Sandstone steps and
awakening Spring
9 May 2012

Observed day-to-day, the greening seems to take
forever. Now is the time we plant our seeds, and expect snow.

It was t-shirt weather!
The brook, replete with
basket-of-gold allysum
9 May 2012

This is this bulb's fourth season
The iris have begun
their delicate display
9 May 2012

Butterflies abound in the lilacs
A butterfly stops
in for a snack
9 May 2012

They don't scream when you cut them!
Bumper crop of color
from lilacs this year
9 May 2012

I thought this stuff wouldn't grow here?
This honeysuckle is
a gift from birds
9 May 2012

Petals of summer open up as the first colors
of Spring begin to deadhead and go to seed.

Alissa says we can still enjoy rhubarb treats despite the seed formation
Rhubarb quietly goes
to seed around us.
9 May 2012

This was a home-made offering on Mothers' Day
Chocolate-dipped and
ready to eat!
13 May 2012

The evil one, stalking birds, maybe...
On the hunt among
the iris stands...
19 May 2012

These will be lush by late June
The lupines begin
to open for summer
19 May 2012

You know what a despot a frog can be...
The Scum King
surveys his pond
26 May 2012

After mowing one day, I took a walk around
our property, where the prairie tells of a dry season.

Here's where Mischa was buried in 2000
The pet cemetery
in the back yard
26 May 2012

The aspen appeared and is taking over
Our northeast corner's
curious ponderaspen
26 May 2012

The aspen may be the victor.
Only the stronger
will survive, I guess!
26 May 2012

The ice plant is quite hardy this year.
Unknown whites, ice
plants, Hens-and-chicks
26 May 2012

Alissa loves this bouquet
comes storming in
26 May 2012

I know: there are alot of pictures.
I just couldn't stop myself this day...

Can you tell that they are related?
Eli and Alissa
enjoying the day
26 May 2012

Really a picture of the plants between the steps...
Slowly the ground
covers creep in...
26 May 2012

A nice kiss of lipstick red for you.
A clump of diathus
among the crowd
26 May 2012

This plant is finally taking off.
Promising blossoms on
the snowball bush
26 May 2012

We had a heck of a windy afternoon...
Afternoon watering
in a stiff breeze
26 May 2012

Alissa upgraded me to an Android phone, and upgraded
herself to an i-phone. So far, this has not been a smooth transition...

Don't worry. He speaks neither English, nor French
Amos is glad to be
in the garage today!
26 May 2012

Ulcer, or flying dishes. The choice is yours.
and ready to scream...
26 May 2012

Grinding glass can be very soothing...
Bliss & no i-phone.
Finishing bottle glass
27 May 2012

Eli was second on the rope
Eli on a cold day,
Walt's Wall, Vedauwoo
28 May 2012

The real show was at the belay station. Photo by Eli.
Taylor laughing at the
belayer. Walt's Wall.
28 May 2012

I went climbing with the boys once this month,
and twice with Rob Kelman. Best I could do, thanks to fickle weather,
and to work (the curse of the climbing class, as Groucho Marx said).

Look carefully for the climber rappelling...
Taylor waits at the
next rappel. Walts Wall
28 May 2012

The last pitch of a Colorado rock climb...
Rob leads Pitch 3,
"Emptor." Cob Rock
29 May 2012

Rob Kelman, some 400 feet above the highway...
Cob Rock summit,
Boulder Canyon, CO
29 May 2012

The monolithic rock is about 250 feet tall.
Cob Rock
Boulder Canyon, CO
29 May 2012

I may have the name a bit wrong...
Boulder Creek from
its roadside bank.
29 May 2012

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