May, 2012

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Alissa & the boys went on a snowboarding holiday for Spring Break
An unseasonably warm winter left the Vernal snowboarding lacking.
Still, they found fun things to do while they were in Beaver Creek.

Say Cheese? Say what!? Meh.
Taylor doing some
serious multi-tasking
2 April 2012

Can't do this at home!
Eli at Beaver Creek:
O Happy Haircut
3 April 2012

This was a bonus of the trip!
On Bellyache Ridge
for some paragliding
4 April 2012

Photo by David Champaign
Taylor descending in
a tandem paraglider
4 April 2012

Photo  2012 Vail Valley Paragliding
Eli & pilot David
nearing the L.Z.
4 April 2012

The night manager at the hotel where they were staying
is a partner in Vail Valley Paragliding. Mr David Champaign and Mr Tom Keough
took Eli and Taylor on an awesome tandem paraglide from the top of Bellyache Ridge.
Oh, and Alissa & the boys did a little snowboarding too, by the way...

It was t-shirt weather!
Eli & Taylor cruising
at Beaver Creek
5 April 2012

Probably doing surface tension experiments
Hard day boarding?
...Take a bath!
5 April 2012

Brothers... talking about... whatever they talk about...
Taylor & Eli at
Boondocks, Denver
6 April 2012

Cell phone image by Rachel Asbridge
Easter cupcake,
made by Alissa
7 April 2012

Bake him and spoon a dip in his tummy!
Gramma's traditional
Easter Bunny bread
8 April 2012

Easter Sunday brought the traditional supper at
Gramma & Grampa Freeman's house, with the
ever-popular Easter Bunny bread. The quilts came out...

Alissa's been very industrious...
Displayed for a
sneak preview...
8 April 2012

Alissa made this for her folks a while back.
Alissa made this
for her parents
8 April 2012

Over the microwaves all the way from Idaho!
Kara & Mike all
dolled up for Easter
8 April 2012

She's preserving the usability of the pockets...
Alissa sewing Eli's
letter on his jacket
17 April 2012

I yam woman. Hear me roar.
Stronger than you
think! Stay back!
17 April 2012

We had some beautiful days in April, and Alissa & I
missed enjoying them because we were either working,
or at work-related education. While I was uselessly surly over this,
she was productive as usual, always creating something interesting.

Don't forget the blood sugar!!
Sparkling cupcakes
elevate the soul
19 April 2012

Okay. I Photoshopped it. True.
I love to work!
20 April 2012

This bush gains us a little privacy as well
Chokecherry blossoms
surviving so far...
26 April 2012

I'm surprised at how hardy these can be
The apple tree
got frost-pruned
26 April 2012

Yep. The black cat's name is 'Cat.'
Cat, Metro and
a crabapple tree
26 April 2012

Anything that flowers started a bit early this year.
Atleast, as far as I know. Even with a paucity of precipitation.

Like flowers within a flower
Speaking of big,
this is Euphorbia...
26 April 2012

The bees know, but they're stilll on vacation.
Allysum, so-called
26 April 2012

Can't pass up the delicate pastel of a crabapple blossom
We are gonna have
many crabapples
26 April 2012

These flowers were nearly missed
The sweet smell of
a native plum tree
28 April 2012

All of a sudden, May is here, and I haven't had to
shovel any snow yet this year. I don't expect to see any of that
falling until after Labor Day. Count on it...

Sometimes I just wish it would rain!
Dramatic sky:
all bark, no bite.
26 April 2012

Pugs can be very lazy.
Eli & the dogs
sluggin' & rollin'
28 April 2012

This is near Vedauwoo...
James Mullins leading
at Brown's Landing
30 April 2012

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