April, 2012

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The boys found Abner broken & bleeding beside the front step
on their way to school on the 5th. I took him to the vet to be
put to sleep. He'd been attacked by a big dog. Most of his right-side
ribs were broken, and his right lung was collapsed. Dr. O & the staff at
Broadmoor East Veterinary Clinic did a great job of fixing him up.

This is the stuff they like!
Taylor & Eli
having a snack
2 March 2012

At first, I thought he got run over. We were going to put him to sleep.
Abner, all broken:
triage at the vet's
5 March 2012

Instead of putting him to sleep, the vet thought she could fix Abner.
Back home, wrapped
in a rib splint
7 March 2012

You can't pass up a view like this!
The moon looking
closer than it is
9 March 2012

Cell phone image. You should taste it.
Alissa's delicious pine-
apple upside-down
9 March 2012

Eli earned his letter for Wrestling!
Taylor started formal guitar lessons!
...and I worked a lot!!

Control Central, I guess.
Black Yoshi 99
twiddling the Internet
15 March 2012

This is it.
The Letter.
Hard work.
15 March 2012

There is also a pin to put on the jacket.
Eli, about to go
jacket shopping...
15 March 2012

The name of this climb is 'Mentally Infirm'
Greg slab-mongering,
South St. Vrain Canyon
16 March 2012

Flurries were dancing this morning.
South St Vrain Creek,
near Lyons, Colorado
16 March 2012

Because of the dry winter in our area,
the rock climbing season has started up a bit early.
Also, there has been a flurry of fabric activity
about the house. Alissa has been a piecing
and quilting machine! Nice things.

Cell phone message to Alissa: Is this one okay?
Cabbage for supper,
imported from Lyons!
16 March 2012

Yet to have the goods sewn on. Nice!
Eli's brand new
letter jacket
17 March 2012

We had climbed one route before a nasty dust storm came
Eli readies to outrun
the coming dust storm
18 March 2012

It's a miserable 3-mile approach to get to this fine rock
Grey Rock, 3 miles
above the Poudre River
18 March 2012

This is for Brittany's & Bryant's incoming bundle of joy!
Alissa's little quilt
for the Davis baby
21 March 2012

Brianna, and Mike & Kara have been sending us the occasional image
from their telephones. The bluebonnets in the Texas hill country
are in full glory, while Mike & Kara visited Aunt Kendra,
who is working on a farm in Sonoma, California.

This one's for Rae Jeanne & Helen
Finishing touches on
another gift quilt
21 March 2012

Cell phone image, the Hill Country. Photo from Brianna
Brianna's bluebonnets,
from Austin, Texas
25 March 2012

Mmm. This was the alarm clock for me today.
Homemade bread
and soup for supper
27 March 2012

The peeps are out already...
Easter is just
around the corner
27 March 2012

Farm photo from California, by Mike
Kara, Kendra & lamb,
Sonoma, California
27 March 2012

The boys have been on a Bananas Foster kick of late.
Alissa has become quite the flambé aficionado.

Photo by Mike Willcox
Kendra & Kara at
Bodega Harbor, Calif.
28 March 2012

The boys help with the kitchen while Alissa makes the sauce.
Brown sugar, butter,
cinnamon & heat...
28 March 2012

All the kids help with supper clean-up.
Eli cuts bananas as
Taylor finishes dishes
28 March 2012

A jigger of dark rum goes in with the bananas...
The bananas cook,
then a bit of rum...
28 March 2012

Excitement! Stay back!!
...and WHOOMF!!
A flambé in progress.
28 March 2012

Daffodils & grape hyacinthes have burst forth
from their slumber. The compost is calling...

A New Orleans treat, named for Crime Commissioner Richard Foster
Spoon everything
over ice cream.
28 March 2012

One way to get your kids to eat healthy stuff!
Eli & Taylor are
ready for dessert.
28 March 2012

Always the first out, & in greater numbers than the year before
The mighty daffodil,
heralding Spring
29 March 2012

A fresh splint, changed by the vet & staff
Abner healing up
with Amos in tow
29 March 2012

Photo by Gramma Freeman. It's that time of year, again...
The boys helping their
grampa with compost
30 March 2012

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