March, 2012

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February began with Eli participating in the
huge Ron Thon Tournament in Riverton, Wyoming

Cheyenne East Vs. Sheridan in this match
Eli during his tough
2nd match, Day One
3 February 2012

Have some gum, try to stay calm...
In the stands at
Riverton, Wyoming.
3 February 2012

Ref just blew the whistle, ending the match
Moments after pinning
his 3rd opponent
3 February 2012

Seeya tomorrow, Mom.
Eli & Alissa at the
end of Day One.
3 February 2012

Eli got eliminated from the competition with this 4th match.
Vying for a title
match, Day Two.
4 February 2012

It's been a dry winter so far... even in Idaho.
Kara sent us a picture, and when it did snow,
I took some photos myself. Excitement!!

Cheyenne East Wrestling Team, 2nd Place! YAY, guys!!!
Team photo of the
Cheyenne East guys
4 February 2012

Cell phone image by Mike?
Kara & Edgar Dog,
high over Boise, Idaho
5 February 2012

I took a few pictures when I fed the cat in the morning.
View from a shed:
an overcast morning
10 February 2012

Toughest on Earth:
Cat replenishing ergs.
10 February 2012

Flurries were dancing this morning.
Hey. That's snow!
Precipitation revealed.
10 February 2012

Alissa made cupcakes for the wrestling team
in the school colors for the last dual of the season.

How to water the property line trees & shrubs...
Get the drift:
Snow fence at work.
10 February 2012

Mmm-mmm, good.
Blue and white are
two East High colors.
10 February 2012

Just like the championship singlets...
Championship cupcakes
for the wrestling team.
10 February 2012

Dax, Eli, Chaz & Brandon. Photo by Heidi Romsa.
Warming up for the
Central/East Dual
10 February 2012

Photo by Heidi Romsa.
Eli dramatically pins
his worthy opponent.
10 February 2012

Taylor kept busy exploring graphic possibilities
with his drawing talents, as well as putting
in some time behind the proverbial wheel.

Cartoon self portrait by Taylor Boykin
Mister Bub Toons
in a cartoon world
15 February 2012

You've got mail!
Taylor the Sagittarius
driving a Taurus...
16 February 2012

Pass the lotion...
Walter the Bunny
getting some sunshine.
16 February 2012

Stalagmite reach the downspout...
ice sculpting...
16 February 2012

Cartoon by Taylor Boykin
The magic of the
anime style...
21 February 2012

Remember: it's a Leap Year.
Take an extra day off!

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