February, 2012

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Brianna visited from Austin,
and Mike & Kara were here as well from Boise!

If I could speak English, I'd ask you what's up...
Edgar Willcox
be sniffin' around
4 January 2012

Group texting exercise?
Brianna, Kara
& Mike kibbutzing
5 January 2012

It was a family supper night...
Merrill checks the
Tribune-Eagle's copy
5 January 2012

Adding a big touch of France...
Alissa herbing the
fungal side dish
5 January 2012

All the kids, even Jenna (in absentia)
Taylor, Brianna, Eli,
Jenna, Kara & Mike
5 January 2012

On the 7th, Alissa, Taylor & Brianna
went to snowboard in Breckenridge...
Eli & Ben stayed home (it's wrestling season).!

Mike & Kara were going home the next morning.
Late-night kitchen
bull session
5 January 2012

Everytime I stick my finger in my eye, it makes me laugh!
Must be some
girl talk here...
5 January 2012

Sun coming up like a big bald head to the East
Friday is a
good school day.
6 January 2012

Who's good at tying shoes?
Eli & Taylor
head for town
6 January 2012

In Fort Collins: Match #2, 120-lb weight division
Eli Vs. Worthy Opp.,
Rocky Mtn Tourney
7 January 2012

Eli competed in the Rocky Mountain J.V. Tournament
in Fort Collins, Colorado on the 7th, placing 2nd!

Vying for 1st place. Photo by Heidi Romsa.
Championship match,
Rocky Mtn Tourney
7 January 2012

Notice these guys are all smiling?
The top six wrestlers,
120-lb weight class
7 January 2012

She's proud of her little brothers!
Taylor, Brianna &
Eli in Fort Collins
7 January 2012

Cell Phone picture
Eli got himself
a nice haircut
9 January 2012

Coaches coaching the East High J.V wrestlers. Photo by Heidi Romsa.
Cheyenne East Tourney.
Coaches on fire!
14 January 2012

It was a heavily-scheduled wrestling month,
and that means lots of Eli pictures... (Sorry, Taylor!)

Cheyenne East Tournament. Photo by Heidi Romsa
Worthy opponent
in a tight spot
14 January 2012

When in Miami, get thee a mojito! Cell phone image.
Layover, Miami:
Mojito lunch!
19 January 2012

Plants versus Zombies: a cure for boredom.
Layover, San Juan:
Alissa Vs. Zombies
19 January 2012

This is the Vibez band
Vibez steel band,
the Carib courtyard
20 January 2012

Duke bearing his Antiguan soul
Duke of Antigua
in the piano bar
20 January 2012

Mat burns, bloody noses & impetigo in Wyoming...
while in Antigua, it's a bracing January. In the ocean, anyway.

Lit up like a birthday cake...
Midnight at the
oasis, I guess!
20 January 2012

Another worthy opponent in a tight spot. Photo by Heidi Romsa.
Lingle Tournament,
Lingle, Wyoming
21 January 2012

The seas were tumultuous beyond the still waters of Dickinson Bay
Alissa takes a breath,
Point Reef, Antigua
21 January 2012

This reef is struggling to survive the cruise ship industry, one woman told us.
Living brain coral,
Point Reef, Antigua
21 January 2012

A Frisbee Day at Sandals Grande Antigua. Photo by Sandals staff photographer.
Alissa & Ben
at the big pool
22 January 2012

We learned that although the air temperature ranges from 70-80 degrees,
it's still January in the waters of the Leeward Islands.

Photographed at dusk alongside the beach
Ixora coccinea,
West Indian jasmine
22 January 2012

On the count of 3, Bombs Away!
Chef Robert deploys
saki bombs! Kimono's
22 January 2012

The Night Before... that's when the trouble started! Delmore is a staff photographer at Sandals. He was off the clock by now.
The suave Delmore
at Cricketeer Karaoke
22 January 2012

I think this used to be called 'Fort William?' Photographed by Sylvester
The Caribbean from
Shirley Heights
23 January 2012

The Sheckerley range rises in the distance
English & Falmouth
Harbors from on high
23 January 2012

Every morning we ate breakfast, it was at
the Bayside, with its great view of the Atlantic.

You finished with that?
Having a bite
at the Bayside
24 January 2012

I think this is a warbler of some sort
Yellow-breasted bird
at the Bayside
24 January 2012

We had scheduled sunset portraits, and we were a bit early... Photo by Denroy
Fountain photo,
St. Mark's Square
24 January 2012

This is designed to embarass our children! Photo by Denroy
Sunset smooch,
Dickenson Bay
24 January 2012

It's amazing how the scenery behind us could be a studio backdrop. Photo by Denroy
Antiguan sunset,
Dickenson Bay
24 January 2012

We booked a circumnavigation of Antigua on the 25th aboard
a Wadadli catamaran. We'd never before seen the entire coastline.

I don't know the name of this particular catamaran, but it is a Wadadli cat...
Our vessel arrived
after breakfast
25 January 2012

Keep on moobin'!
Rolling with the
North Sound seas
25 January 2012

Caribbean on the left, Antigua ahead, and Green Island on the right
Green Island pan
from the mooring
25 January 2012

The stingray is burrowed into the sand 4 fathoms below us
Spot the stingray!
Good eye, you!
25 January 2012

Our sail was unfurled as we rounded the southern coast of Antigua.
Montserrat smoking,
Caribbean sailing
25 January 2012

The following morning, we boarded the Excellence catamaran for a day trip
to the underpopulated, pastoral island of Barbuda. It also happened
to be my birthday, as well as our last day in the Lesser Antilles.

We avoided alot of sea spray by riding the cat as though it was a surfboard.
Holding tight during a
lively 40-mile ride
26 January 2012

The red sac means he doesn't have girlfriend yet.
Frigate birds nesting.
Island of Barbuda
26 January 2012

The Bird Whisperer. He had alot of interesting information.
Resident expert. Barbuda
Frigate Bird Sanctuary
26 January 2012

We played Frisbee here after lunch!
The steep shingle at
Low Bay, Barbuda
26 January 2012

Barbuda has a huge lagoon on its western coast
Ocean on the left,
lagoon on the right
26 January 2012

Self portrait at Cocoa Point, Barbuda
Ready for the ride
back to Antigua
26 January 2012

Keshia was working as a security guard for Sandals at this time. She wants to be a florist.
Alissa with Keshia,
Dickenson Bay, Antigua
26 January 2012

This beautiful vine grows all over the island.
Purple Bougainvillea,
Sandals courtyard
26 January 2012

This was the second meet of the day...
Four JV wrestlers
warm up. Where's Eli?
28 January 2012

East High JV versus Sheridan JV. Photo by Heidi Romsa.
A close match with
a worthy opponent.
28 January 2012

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