December, 2011

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November saw Cheyenne East High finishing the football season
in second place at the State Championship game in Laramie

Eli is #42, suited up with his fellow varsity & JV players
East High (in white)
against Sheridan High
12 November 2011

Sheridan rushed nearly every play with their gifted running back
T-Birds on offense
against the Broncs
12 November 2011

Unfortunately for us, our T-Birds (7-4) lost to the Broncs (10-1)
Final score: Broncs 42,
Cheyenne East 14
12 November 2011

A vicious snowstorm began as the game ended.
We're so proud of
our Thunderbirds!
12 November 2011

Alissa kept the waterfall running right up until a hard freeze was on the way
Mid-Autumn at the
lower waterfall
15 November 2011

Alissa & Gramma went with the boys to see The Lion King onstage in Denver.
They spent the night at the historic Brown Palace!

The ice was building up day by day.
A few days later,
even more ice...
17 November 2011

I guess Mr Brown liked to hunt? Photo by Alissa
Hunting trophies at
Denver's Brown Palace
19 November 2011

Two fine, young gentlemen escorting their mother to the theater... Photo by Gramma
Eli, Alissa & Taylor
head to the theater
19 November 2011

Two fine, young gentlemen escorting their grandmother to the theater... Photo by Alissa
Eli, Gramma & Taylor
proceed to the cahhh
19 November 2011

This was Taylor's first time to change strings on his guitar. Cell phone image by Alissa
Changing guitar strings:
Taylor's 1st time
24 November 2011

The day after Thanksgiving, we started putting up Christmas decor...

How many guys does it take to wind a tiny string around a tuner shaft?!
Goes easier if you
hold your mouth so...
24 November 2011

She keeps most of the ornaments & such in the downstairs cement room...
Another carry from
the cement room...
25 November 2011

'Are those deinreer, Mom?'
Taylor & Alissa
setting out stuff
25 November 2011

Brianna made us some nice beanies for Christmas
Modeling the latest
beanies by Brianna
25 November 2011

Uhhm, okay. If it works for that, Bub...
One size fits all,
and then some...
25 November 2011

The boys helped Alissa trim the trees,
although she did most of the ornaments herself...

Taylor trying to work out the attachment of the mighty star...
Eli enjoys himself as
Taylor stars the top
25 November 2011

It was snowing more than it would appear in porch lighting...
Looking out the
South door. See it?
25 November 2011

Flash bulbs can be quite revealing!
NOW you can see!
Winter is comin'...
25 November 2011

End of the day channel-surfers...
Alissa & Eli
25 November 2011

Got out the 8-foot stepladder. Serious stuff.
Bub's priority chore:
a star for the kitchen
26 November 2011

All the girls are away from home.
It's nice when they send us pictures & texts!

He does a good job... and he's tall.
Holding the ladder
for our baby boy...
26 November 2011

Idaho pizza rolls!... cellphone image by Jenna
News from Boise:
Jenna can cook!
27 November 2011

The kitchen tree,
aglow plus angel
29 November 2011

Supersize this picture!
Reflection off the
Taurus tripod
29 November 2011

If you scroll upward, you'll see Jupiter & stars
The house, with
stars and Jupiter
29 November 2011

December can be a big picture month,
so let's get it started already...

This makes me think... Cellphone image
Homemade ice for
climbing starts here?
2 December 2011

Jake is camera-shy, and Brandon? Well, he's just Brandon...
Birthday sleep-over
for a 16-year-old
2 December 2011

This was at an invitational meet in Western Wyoming. Photo by Mr. Bartlett
Eli (in blue) wrestling
Evanston Invitational
3 December 2011

Eli told me the match was no pushover. Photo by Mr. Bartlett
Eli & opponent,
Evanston Invitational
3 December 2011

He's worked hard to win. Photo by Mr. Bartlett
Eli placed 5th overall.
Evanston Invitational
3 December 2011

We round out this month's page with a few birthday pictures!

5th Place medal from the 2011 Evanston Invitational
Eli's hand and
5th Place Medal
4 December 2011

This is in Alissa's 8-month-old kitchen
Taylor's Birthday
supper: easy livin'.
5 December 2011

I think she's telling him what to do...
Alissa & Taylor on
his 16th birthday
5 December 2011

On the menu: Corn, rice & teriyaki chicken
Fluffing the rice:
Bub's 16th birthday
5 December 2011

This was what he requested...
Rice, corn, and
teriyaki chicken
5 December 2011

Alissa points out that our boys will finish off an entire sponge cake in one sitting...
it's okay to eat!
5 December 2011

Genius of Thought. Idiot Glee.
This boy is happy!
Taylor's 16th B-day
5 December 2011

One piece for you, and 14 for me...
Calculating his
calories... NOT!
5 December 2011

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