November, 2011

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October. Starting with a bit of Cooking expertise!

Happy Birthday, Josh! Cell phone image
Brianna made this!
Austin, Texas
27 September 2011

Rainbow in the sleet
Halftime show,
Laramie, Wyoming
5 October 2011

East beat Laramie this game
Number 42 Eli on
defensive maneuver
5 October 2011

They look like a wave coming ashore
East JV kickoff
to Laramie Plainsmen
5 October 2011

The birthday girl wearing a nice hat... Cell phone image
Kara & new hat
Boise, Idaho
6 October 2011

Yours Truly was able to break away for a little climbing in New Mexico...

Cellphone image report of our activities to my wife...
Combo plate stop,
Walsenburg, Colo.
13 October 2011

I guess you can eat this, if you really must...
Prickly pear fruit
Wagon Mound, N.M.
14 October 2011

This crag is about 70 feet high
Gallows Edge near
White Rock, N.M.
15 October 2011

End of the day. One of the few times Greg top-roped a route!
"Once Were Warriors,"
on Gallows Edge
15 October 2011

This was part of the vast Las Conchas fire last June
Burned to death,
Las Conchas area
16 October 2011

We found ourselves surrounded by the 3-month-old burns of the vast
Las Conchas fire in Santa Fe National Forest. Thousands of acres of dead timber.

Squeak on descent
"Cattle Guard Syn-
drome," Las Conchas
16 October 2011

Greg on the sharp end of the rope
"Johnny Can't Lead"
Las Conchas
16 October 2011

This where we climbed before we hiked in to explore along the East Fork of the Jemez River
Cattle Call Wall,
Las Conchas
16 October 2011

Guidebook in hand, Greg does the river walk...
East Fork of Jemez
River, Las Conchas
16 October 2011

The last rock on our hike...
Late afternoon,
Las Conchas
16 October 2011

We spent a night in Cimarron Canyon before returning to Wyoming.

On the road to Cimarron Canyon, we crossed the Rio Grande...
The Rio Grande,
near Taos, N.M.
17 October 2011

Squeak's little buddy, Leon
Leon the Lizard,
Cimarron Canyon
17October 2011

'Leon? Are you sure this is the route we should climb??'
Maverick Wall,
Cimarron Canyon
17 October 2011

What to do with a defective, indestructible cat
Cat won't die.
It's unnatural!
25 October 2011

Tree-breaking snow, Round 2
Lower pond
through what's left
25 October 2011

Early snows this Autumn, wet & heavy, have snapped the tops off some of the elms.

Greetings from the weather
7th night of work
and I get this!
26 October 2011

Another heavy snow!
8 inches in
24 hours
26 October 2011

Messin' with Fatty
Taylor pushes the
ear-scratching button
26 October 2011

Nothing to do but quilt & watch Comedy Central...
Eli & Alissa
hunkered down
26 October 2011

These are some of Alissa's pumpkins & gourds
Autumn Harvest:
great effort, Honey!
27 October 2011

Rod's & Beth's two boys stopped in for a visit. Alissa cooked up some playdough!

Seasonal glassworks...
Look into a
glass punkin...
27 October 2011

Come into this house, Friend.
Ye Harvest glass
bid thee Hail
27 October 2011

'That IS your dog,' she said. Photo by Alissa
Amos imitating
Alpha Dawg
27 October 2011

Ben, Clayton & Cole makin' stuff. Photo by Alissa
You can make
it with play-dough!
27 October 2011

Amaze your friends! Roll playdough balls for hours! Photo by Alissa
Another squishable
for Clayton!
27 October 2011

As the snows wax & wane, Hallowe'en is upon us...

This tree was killed by an early snow in 2009
The Garden Snag:
the first elm
29 October 2011

Almost time to winterize!
The Upper Pond
darkens with cold
29 October 2011

Photo by Jenna, maybe
Waldo & Peacock
Boise, Idaho
31 October 2011

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