October, 2011

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September brought changes...

Cheyenne East Vs. Laramie game...
Crescent Moon
lights the night
2 September 2011

Enjoy it while you can...
Siberian Elm &
Sumac, still green
4 September 2011

Lending a helping hand.
Eli helping Jenna
load her car
4 September 2011

One last hurrah before the snow flies...
Gaggle of Rudebekia
amassing for show
4 September 2011

I think she can get more stuff in there...
Nearly ready
for the getaway
4 September 2011

Jenna launched from home, into the Great Wide Open.

The lilypads are showing cold stress
A little cool for
this water lily!
4 September 2011

This was Jenna's going-away get-together
Merrill, Karen, Jenna
& Joi. Send-off time.
4 September 2011

Everyone got up early on Labor Day
Everyone got up
to see Jenna off
5 September 2011

They move too fast for a clear snapshot!
Miss you already:
Jenna launches forth
5 September 2011

Bye-bye, Girly!
Jenna waving for
my little camera
5 September 2011

Meanwhile, we kept trying to get more Summer out of September...

You shoulda seen the gravel getting kicked up...
Seeya next visit,
little green car!
5 September 2011

I can't recall if this was the fourth or fifth attempt...
Rob Kelman getting
shoe'd for a climb
8 September 2011

This was the 1st free ascent of 'Sarah Palin's Drill.'
Rob Kelman, 1st ascent
of "Sarah Palin's Drill."
8 September 2011

This is the usual way the prairie gets its daily moisture
Bird houses and lines
of trees, the back yard
15 September 2011

The patio as seen through the morning fog
Later that day,
the sun came out
15 September 2011

East High beat Central High for Homecoming! Go, Thunderbirds!!

A Beechcraft 1900-D, operated by Great Lakes Aviation
Turboprop incoming
from Denver, Colorado
16 September 2011

Though Junior Varsity didn't get to play, they suited up for Homecoming.
Eli watching Varsity
squad beat Central
16 September 2011

There's our friend Kyle, banging the boom-boom
Halftime: East High
Marching Band
16 September 2011

This flower seems to prefer cooler weather
A moss rose
in a clay pot
17 September 2011

These are growing all over a window well.
Gourds taking over
on the patio
17 September 2011

Homecoming involved flowers & a big shindig.

Hot, hot pink, squeezing out summer
Hot Pink Dianthus
coloring Summer
17 September 2011

Spring, Summer or Fall, the hue is the same
Gaillardia facing
the eastern sky
17 September 2011

The sedum got very meaty this year.
Autumn Joy sedum
living it up
17 September 2011

Handsome young man, heading to the Homecoming dance
Eli dappered up
for Homecoming
17 September 2011

Just for a healthy comparison...
Alissa & Eli: the
Mom & the athlete
17 September 2011

A bit of climbing, and a Junior Varsity game in Nebraska (Cheyenne won!)

Sorting gear for a bolt anchor at the crag called 'Blair Zero.' Photo by Rob Kelman
Decisions, decisions:
anchor components
19 September 2011

Feasibility study, Blair-Wallis
Rob Kelman in
a feasibility study
19 September 2011

The T-birds won this game
Eli (42) in pursuit,
East Vs. Scottsbluff
20 September 2011

Waiting for the starting whistle
Eli & teammates,
another kick-off
20 September 2011

This raptor circled the football field numerous times
Might be an eagle!
Scottsbluff, Nebraska
20 September 2011

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