September, 2011

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The pond. The plants. This is August.

High Summer. The pond is getting closed in upon.
High Summer:
Flowers & fishes.
2 August 2011

Open in the morning, close up at night...
Brilliant display:
She drowns 'em well
2 August 2011

In a more temperate climate, this would dangle.
Straw planter:
6 August 2011

She tells me it's dianthus. I wouldn't know.
Raggedy white
dianthus blooms
6 August 2011

Tough to grow in Wyoming!
The yellow rose
of Cheyenne
6 August 2011

Good time to sit outside & have a fruity drink!

This cat wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Alissa!
Alissa & that
stupid cat
6 August 2011

Coneflower in a flat light
These coneflowers
multiply like weeds.
6 August 2011

There are many conflicting sources about this lily's name
Asiatic Lily?
You tell me!
6 August 2011

I can't remember why she likes this so much...
Mock Sunflower
by the dog kennel
6 August 2011

Remember your basic biology?
Stamens of
Spider Lilies...
6 August 2011

I grab the camera, and can't stop clicking. Neither can my kids...

Purple flowers... they love the kennel fence.
Clematis' bark is
worse than its bite
6 August 2011

I couldn't resist having more pictures of these.
Water lily casting
a wicked shadow
6 August 2011

They don't stick around for long here.
The lighting was just
right for this shot
6 August 2011

Like Brianna says, 'It's official.'
Texas plates on a
Pennsylvania car
6 August 2011

Flintstones Golf Tournament?
"Fred" & Jenna
9 August 2011

In mid-August, a contingent of Indiana Freemans visited us via train...

I know Zoe's name, but I need to ask Alissa what Smokey's real name is... Photo by Alissa
Zoe & Jeanie at
Merrill's & Karen's
10 August 2011

A ribald moment! Those Freemans! Photo by Alissa
Arlene & Jeanie
get animated
10 August 2011

The altitude didn't seem to bother them. Photo by Alissa
Arlene & Jeanie
at 6000 feet
10 August 2011

Smokey, you GO, girl. Photo by Alissa
Arlene showing off
her awesome T-shirt
10 August 2011

The Freeman girls, Dan & Joi, Alissa, Merrill & Jenna
Group photo!
Cheyenne, Wyoming
11 August 2011

Merrill's sisters rode the train Out West... their first visit.

Holding a handful of air. Photo by Alissa
Jenna & Joi
in the kitchen
11 August 2011

Did someone say 'playing cards?'... Photo by Alissa
Zoe & Merrill
in the kitchen
11 August 2011

Smokey, Fatso, Grampa & Bones. Photo by Alissa
Arlene, Jeanie,
Merrill & Zoe
11 August 2011

Say Cheese. Photo by Alissa.
Merrill documenting.
Cameras don't lie?
11 August 2011

Should I get colored, or just basic Navy green? Photo by Alissa
Megan & Jenna
trading tattoo tales
11 August 2011

Sharing a laugh. Photo by Alissa
Sisters on the porch.
Photo by Alissa
11 August 2011

Miss your family? Have supper! Photo (and supper) by Alissa
Breaking bread,
Cheyenne, Wyoming
11 August 2011

Sweet fishing days!
Boy went fishin':
Favorite statuary...
19 August 2011

Steel-tipped darts rule! A short cellphone video...
Eli & Squeak
playing Darts
21 August 2011

Alissa always makes sure the kids get an astronaut's meal before Launch.
1st Day of School:
Breakfast with Mom
23 August 2011

As bright as a bishop's bottom!
Sun for the son:
Sunrise, Eli's birthday
24 August 2011

Huevos Etcetera
Birthday breakfast:
17 Years Old
24 August 2011

Getting close to the end of summer...
Hollyhocks tell
the weather tale...
24 August 2011

Spider Lily toward the end of its life...
Spider Lily nearing
the end...
24 August 2011

She's cracking herself up!
What'd you say?!
Take it back!
26 August 2011

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