August, 2011

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Gun powder on the 4th; Gasoline on the 5th

Not sure what they're lighting up here!
Ready platform:
fire & old tires
4 July 2011

Set for coordinated launches!
A few test shots
before the Dark
4 July 2011

Alissa woke me up early to witness this
3:55 P.M.
Neighbor's house
5 July 2011

There were 3 different fire districts activated for this
4:20 P.M.
family all safe
5 July 2011

Fighting the fire in 'defense mode.'
In the County,
you just get out!
5 July 2011

The neighbor's house smouldered all night long.

The firefighters stayed back. Gas lines exploded.
They said this is
50% destroyed. Hmm.
5 July 2011

Electric company had to cut the line that ran to the burning house.
Line truck couldn't get
to the service easily
5 July 2011

Meanwhile, the flowers are looking nice!
Dead-head iris
and Salvia
5 July 2011

Alissa sequestered this fish... he was sickly
Joe Shubunkin
in Fish I.C.U.
5 July 2011

These were a bit leggy this year
Delphinium near
the upper patio
5 July 2011

The day of the neighbor's fire, I decided to count our blessings...

The big pond is looking healthy!
Lower pond in
very good shape
5 July 2011

They open in the day time
Water lily starting
its closing sequence
5 July 2011

Siberian elm overlooking the patio & pond
Everything is so very
green this wet year
5 July 2011

This is at the top of the steps
Blue salvia in
boisterious bloom
5 July 2011

Too bad you can't smell it here!
Fragrant peony
here today...
5 July 2011

Glad to document high summer... incidentally.

This place is bursting with plant life
Alissa's handiwork
looking mighty fine
5 July 2011

They busted out this year
A crowd of colorful
5 July 2011

So many flowers & leaves that I can't say for certain what ISN'T here!
Go ahead:
name those plants!
5 July 2011

Boys went camping with Grampa Merrill for a couple of days. Photo by Taylor Boykin
Eli and Shane the Trout
Crystal Reservoir
7 July 2011

Good thing you can't smell it here! Photo by Taylor Boykin
Snack for Grampa!
Crystal Reservoir
8 July 2011

Days of Leisure? Not every day.
We had a powerful downpour one afternoon that flooded the basement...

Gettin' goosed. Photo by Taylor Boykin
Eli & Grampa fishin'
Crystal Reservoir
8 July 2011

Greg & I were camping & climbing at Vedauwoo for a few days. This was an evening surprise. Cellphone image.
Moose visits our
camp in Vedauwoo
10 July 2011

Cellphone video clip. Quicktime will open.
Rob Kelman finds
another remote crag
12 July 2011

Cellphone image. A funky composite...
Chockstone Gulley:
found the way up!
12 July 2011

The kids helped us mop & vacuum the flood waters from the basement
We have the most
helpful kids ever!
12 July 2011

Alissa & Jenna vacuuming furiously. Cellphone image
The boys dumped out
the water in turn
12 July 2011

Alissa mixed the concrete while the boys installed new hammock poles
Eli sinking the pole,
Taylor leveling
21 July 2011

The crash helmet on Eli was my idea...
Taylor's turn with
the drilling hammer
21 July 2011

I get to do the supervisin' now that I have these two strong young men on hand! Photo by Taylor
Checking the height
for Alissa's hammock
21 July 2011

This ramp is about 5.2 in difficulty. It's at a rock we call 'Limbo.'
Eli lowering after
his first lead
24 July 2011

There's a certain delight in knowing you are in control of your brother!
Taylor belaying Eli,
Limbo crag, Vedauwoo
24 July 2011

That's Greg & James above Taylor, waiting to downclimb the route. Photo by Eli
Taylor lowering after
his turn at the lead
24 July 2011

Looking Northwest from the top of the boys' climb
Taylor & Eli on
Limbo, Vedauwoo
24 July 2011

This is the very top of the crag looking due South. Central Vedauwoo is visible in the distance
Eli & Taylor having
a chat on Limbo
24 July 2011

This is a huge composite of 'Limbo' at Vedauwoo
Limbo crag from
the parking area
24 July 2011

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