July, 2011

These pictures appear for July, 2011 on the main page.
Wedding pics still weren't back by this date (26 July).
Also, the page was incredibly late, obviously!

June flowers and wedding activities

Pretty good picture of some red bleeding hearts
Good year for Hearts:
they were large & legion
6 June 2011

If they bleed enough, they get white, I guess
White hearts:
bloodless & bleeding
6 June 2011

1st time the hostas didn't get hailed to shreds
Veined hostas
sans hailstorms
6 June 2011

Oooh my head
Jenna slugs coffee
as Alissa worries
10 June 2011

Breakfast the day before the wedding
Tami & Taylor
at breakfast time
10 June 2011

Wedding Prep was the order of the day on the 10th of June

Sweating the details
Kara & mom Alissa
working on signs
10 June 2011

'I'll have 2 of each, please...'
Jake would love
ice cream with pie!
10 June 2011

Okay, where are the ostrich feathers?!
Brianna setting up
table center pieces
11 June 2011

He told me he knew that I didn't know what I was doing...
Papa, ready to help
with the set-up
11 June 2011

Looking pretty sharp in their tuxes!
Eli and Taylor:
ushers, brothers
11 June 2011

Kara's & Mike's wedding day:
before & after images!

The inner sanctum...
The bride & her
11 June 2011

The two-minute warning!
Last chance, but
she won't back out!
11 June 2011

Wobble your hips, shuffle your feets!
The post-wedding
family conga line!
11 June 2011

Open another one!
Brunch & presents at
Renee's & Alan's house
12 June 2011

Everyone's gone, time for some fishin'!
Winding down
after the wedding
14 June 2011

After the wedding, everyone took
a break from the hectic pace...

We watched this robin incubating her eggs.
Robin in the window:
tree nursery...
14 June 2011

A brilliant, golden specimen
Alissa paid this bright
yellow iris respect
14 June 2011

Kara & Mike begin their Life Together
Meanwhile, in the
Dominican Republic...
17 June 2011

Rob & I climbed most of 'William' this day.
Wildflowers at the
Holdout, Vedauwoo
24 June 2011

Culled beetle-kill trees, with the Holdout beyond.
Wise management of
dead trees, Vedauwoo
24 June 2011

Peak snowfall in the Tetons this year...
Global Warming, dontcha know.

He doesn't talk to flowers!
He can't bear
columbines, heh-heh!
24 June 2011

A big, fat cumulonimbus cloud forming over the northern county. Photo by Alissa
Global Warming Show,
Southeast Wyoming
25 June 2011

Note the cans!
Leaving for the
Teton range
26 June 2011

Eli & Taylor on the lower East Ridge of Mt St John
1st time on crampons,
Teton Range
27 June 2011

Ben, & Taylor, with Eli in front. Photo by TJones
Alpine climbing lesson
Mount St John
27 June 2011

Near the top of the slope
Eli kicking steps &
going like a train
27 June 2011

This flank of the mountain leads to Hanging Canyon
Taylor in the steep
upper section
27 June 2011

Off the snowfield, onto a shelf
Taylor & Eli at
the day's high point
27 June 2011

Around 9000 feet, near the mouth of Hanging Canyon
Readying for descent,
lower Mt St John
27 June 2011

Got Cheeto's?
The bold marmot
wants a snack
28 June 2011

The trail to Surprise Lake was mired in snow
Taylor & Eli on
Garnet Canyon trail
28 June 2011

3 miles in and about 8400 feet... as far as we could go. Photo by TJones
Ben, Eli & Taylor
ready for a downgrade
28 June 2011

Grab a book. Twiddle the computer. Rest up.
Rest day in
the camper
29 June 2011

Left-to-right: Symmetry Spire, Mt St John & Rockchuck Peak
Crossing String Lake,
below Rockchuck Peak
30 June 2011

Third snowfield, near our high point.
Halfway up the east
face of Rockchuck
30 June 2011

The boys are on a snowless island, with Jones downclimbing just above.
Pan from 9000 feet
on Rockchuck Peak
30 June 2011

We skirted the steepest snowfield to descend to the 2nd snowfield
Taylor & Eli
having a laugh
30 June 2011

Back to the valley. Photo by TJones
Downclimbing the
2nd snowfield
30 June 2011

Let's go home today! Photo by TJones
Eli, Taylor & Ben
back at String Lake
30 June 2011

This flooding was washing out the road near the Pavillion Cut-off. Photo by TJones
Interesting problems,
U.S. Hwy 26
30 June 2011

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