June, 2011

These pictures appear for June, 2011 on the main page.
Kara married Mike on June 11th! This will be posted on the July page.
Here's some pictures from May...

Home entertainment!

My only guess as to why he does this is because he CAN
Amos Pugsley:
The famous belly crawl
1 May 2011

I get a feeling this won't be the last time before summer...
Springtime weather:
snow on the chiminea
2 May 2011

You can tell it's Spring when the tulips unfold!
The Big Whitey:
Mid-Spring colors
7 May 2011

White-on-[some other color]... Or is it a daffodil?
Flower confusion:
Tulip or daffodil?
7 May 2011

Facing the waterfall in the big, lower pond.
Ripple effect: O Fishy,
Fishy, Fishy, FISH!
7 May 2011

Alissa worked the revision of what I call
the Angst Pond this month...

I can't help it if I like looking at this so much.
Early May at the
big pond's falls
7 May 2011

Alissa emptied the pond & put the old scum in her flower beds.
Vinyl & pond scum:
Always go Rubber!
7 May 2011

De-rocking the Angst Pond...
Eli & Taylor
helping Alissa
8 May 2011

'I'll take that from you, Mom.'
Rock Brigade,
the Angst Pond
8 May 2011

There were huge arrays of Grape Hyacinth this year
My name is Legion,
for We are many.
8 May 2011

Kara's & Mike's wedding was drawing near,
yet we had so many things to shore up.

Spring springing in the back yard
Here comes Spring:
Tree budding anew
8 May 2011

Spring time on the High Plains.
Finally, the
sun is shining.
8 May 2011

You could advertise Cream-sicles on this guy.
Koi & goldfish
in the big pond
8 May 2011

One of many tucked-in flower beds
A nook in the rocks:
Tulips & such
8 May 2011

As May advanced toward June,
I took a few pictures of the property for fun

Rubber is superior to vinyl
The new liner,
low & dry
9 May 2011

The birds love this spot.
Basket-of-Gold and
the babbling brook
17 May 2011

Here's a representative 'S' curve
The brook in full view
on the pond complex.
17 May 2011

We ran out to the art show at Carey Junior High this day.
Taylor at the Carey
Junior High art show
26 May 2011

Sneak preview of scenes from before Kara's & Mike's wedding!

I wasn't at liberty to show this photo until now!
Buying the dress,
Boise, Idaho
15 October 2010

Here's the back of the fantastic bride's wedding gown
Kara modeling her
wedding gown, Boise
15 October 2010

René out with the girls!
Mother of the groom
with the bridesmaids
10 June 2011

Does Alissa look a little bit stressed out?!
The bride's mother
showing the strain
10 June 2011

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