May, 2011

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April had wind, snow & showers. Mostly wind...

Kara's bridal shower was over with, so she & Mike headed back to Boise.

You have to work to maintain a figure like his! This is a short movie.
Amos Pugsley:
Dog of Leisure
1 April 2011

EYYYAAAAHHHHHHH!! World Destruction!!!
Insane gaming at
Spring Break
2 April 2011

The Good Fiance makes a Good Husband
Mike loading the car:
back to Boise State
2 April 2011

I de-constructed the laundry room the day before.
The laundry room
2 April 2011

This was their last time in the old kitchen
Brianna & Alissa
in the old kitchen
2 April 2011

Alissa, Brianna, Eli & Taylor went
snowboarding for Spring Break,
while Jenna & I worked, and
watched the remodel begin!

This is a short movie. Jenna & I moved the new wet bar fridge into the basement during the Blizzard of 2011!
I woke up to a
BIG weather event
3 April 2011

The crew measured each cabinet they removed and installed them in the laundry room and in the new wet bar
Todd & Dick
on the job site
4 April 2011

Alissa took this photo at Vail.
Meanwhile, Abe flies
down Game Creek
4 April 2011

Three hours after they started, the kitchen was cleared of cabinets
Jim, Todd & Dick
plan what's next
4 April 2011

Everyone coming down 'Straight Shot'
Eli, Em & Brianna
at Sundown Bowl
4 April 2011

I watched the kitchen be cleared out in one day.
Alissa watched sweet carving in Vail... GOSH!

Todd was my sons' Little League coach a while back
Todd the Destroyer
rips out that soffit!
4 April 2011

Just then, the snowballs he was juggling EXPLODED!
Taylor shredding
Straight Shot
4 April 2011

Laundry room at quitting time, Day One. Amazing!
End of Day One:
the laundry room
4 April 2011

This is a run up in the Sundown Bowl
Eli carving down
the Dragon's Teeth
4 April 2011

The wet bar, Quitting Time, Day One. Wow!
The wet bar at
Day One's end.
4 April 2011

I was working nights by the 6th, so I slept in the camper.
Alissa was sleeping at the condo, so I'll bet I actually got more sleep than
she did.

This girl musta been MOVIN'
Brianna chooglin' in
Blue Sky Basin, Vail
4 April 2011

This was my daily cellphone report to the wife...
Soffits are gone.
Linoleum too.
4 April 2011

Turn hard to avoid faceplant. Now, do it NOW!
Eli edges left,
Giant Steps run
7 April 2011

Modern communications, tradesman-style
Message from one
resourceful subcontractor
7 April 2011

Careful, or you might cut yer fangers!
Taylor showing big style,
on Giant Steps, Vail
7 April 2011

One of the nights I was at work, Todd of Heartland Homes
worked at our house until Midnight, doing his detailed, precision drywall stuff.
After Alissa & the boys returned from Vail, Greg Handelman & I left,
to do some climbing at Colorado Nat'l Monument for 3 days.

Like he was shot out of a cannon
Taylor rifling out at
G.P. Terrain Park
7 April 2011

No apparent connection... well, maybe one edge, ever-so-slightly
Eli & half pipe,
G.P. Terrain Park
7 April 2011

These are the cabinets she has always wanted.
Schroll cabinets mostly
installed. Strong work.
8 April 2011

I had packed for the mountains this day... ready to git outta town!
Cabover ready to go
camping & climbing
13 April 2011

Greg hiking into the canyon. Monolith Tower center. We climbed slabs out of view to the right.
Squeak in Lower
Monument Canyon
15 April 2011

This is 'Dihedral #1.' I couldn't finish it. Not enough mojo.
Greg finishing the
first route for me
15 April 2011

This is 'Circle, Square, Triangle.' Greg led this one too.
Another party climbing
a route we did later
15 April 2011

Pix message from home: Alissa sent me a picture of the new granite counter tops!
Indian granite via
the cellphone
15 April 2011

Western Colorado. We'd never been on this granite before.
North side of
Unaweep Canyon
16 April 2011

I got to lead this easy route, 80 feet long. This is Greg descending.
Beginner's Luck
rappel, Unaweep
16 April 2011

Bewilderment. We were about to give up and go home, but some folks showed up with a useful topo.
At the Grit Wall,
9mile Hill, Unaweep
17 April 2011

We traded mojo's this day. It is unusual for Greg to misplace his!
Greg leading True Grit
9mile Hill, Unaweep
17 April 2011

I sent this cellphone pix to my buddy Kebm at work on my last evening at Colorado National Monument.
Last beer of the
last campin' night
17 April 2011

When I got home from camping, Alissa was nesting already. Here she is putting away whatever she can.
Alissa in action:
Stuff goes here...
19 April 2011

The Wet Bar was finished by now, and in full utile mode.
Basement wet bar,
open for business
22 April 2011

Once I got home, I worked for seven nights, then
along with moving back into the kitchen, Alissa & I hoped to be able
to give a going-away meal for our Minnesota-bound friends Mike & Tanya.
Luckily, they found a little time in their hectic schedule to eat with us and
a number of other folks that Mike has worked with over the last five years!
Mary Lobmeyer was also instrumental in putting this together... and taking pictures...

The final product, Laundry Room version
The laundry room
27 April 2011

She's got the change...
Alissa training the new
kitchen, compleat
27 April 2011

The Kitchenaid Rig on full display, AND in use.
Alissa demonstrates
special order...
27 April 2011

DON'T give that boy ANY more sugar!
"SUGAR!!!" Eli on
Carb Overload
27 April 2011

A great big sandwich, alot of freshies, and a few junkies. Ahhh.
The Spread:
ready-to-eat Eats
28 April 2011

This icing has 6 sticks of butter in it!
Very dangerous
cupcakes here
28 April 2011

Mary & Gavin watch the dog putting on the dog...
Mike's mom is
playing with Amos
28 April 2011

This poster of Gagarin was one of the few things Tanya brought from Russia when she immigrated to the USA.
Tanya presents the
1st human in Space
28 April 2011

I thought he might get tired, but I think I'M getting tired!!
Cooper winks as
Jerry beams,
28 April 2011

Jerry came all the way over the hill to see the Lee's off
Jerry & Son
at Mike's supper
28 April 2011

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