April, 2011

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March came in like a lion, & April came in like a lioness.

We always expect winter to carry during March, and it did, but without much snow.

In the midst of the living snow fence (keep your fingers crossed!)
Frosty morning:
Emmer trees awright
8 March 2011

The colors of morning were too much for me NOT to photograph
Just before sunrise,
looking East
14 March 2011

Evening sun beaming through the front door
Mood lighting and
cooking smoke
16 March 2011

This is the upper pond
The day Alissa
turned on the pond
16 March 2011

The temperature was normal for March,
but snowfall was sparse at our elevation.

This pond will be re-done this Spring. It leaks!
Submerged pond-berg
in the Angst Pond
16 March 2011

Only 2 weeks until work begins on the kitchen!
Alissa wearing out
our old stove
16 March 2011

Somehow I was allowed to intrude on 'Girl Talk.'
Alissa & Jenna
ready for work
27 March 2011

This 12 x 20 shed is where I have my rants
Outbuilding Chic:
okay, it's NOT chic
28 March 2011

One morning I came home from work, and the
morning fog had put a layer of rime ice on everything.

This poor tree died last year. I need to cut it down.
Frosted, deceased
Siberian elm
28 March 2011

The sun came out, and all of the frost started to fall off of the branches.
Elm trees shedding
their icy mantle
28 March 2011

These plants will spring to life soon
An old bud on
a fenced clematis
28 March 2011

The work Alissa put in to this bench still amazes me
Beauty in concrete:
reborn glass shards
28 March 2011

Kara & Mike came back to Cheyenne to take care of some wedding business...

I think they were going to a food-tasting at Little America
Jenna, Alissa & Kara
gathered for forage
30 March 2011

Not sure what this was all about!
Oh please, please,
lend me your mascara!
30 March 2011

Mother and 2/3 of her daughters
Kara, Alissa & Jenna
headed out to eat
30 March 2011

We used to call her Emmy-cakes when she was little.
Emily Freeman,
livin' large!
1 April 2011

She seems to be a bit reserved here... curious!
Grace trying her best
to behave grown-up
1 April 2011

... And then came the bridal shower!

The Freeman cousins helped decorate the venue
Emily & Gramma at
Kara's bridal shower
1 April 2011

Emily, take a bow!
Emily Freeman,
honorable attendee
1 April 2011

Poor Mike. Lost in a sea of Bridal Shower attendees!
Kara & Mike,
bridal shower time
1 April 2011

SURPRISE! All the way from Pittsburgh!
Brianna surprised Kara
for the bridal shower
1 April 2011

Cupcakes & confetti
Bridal Cupcakes
and pale punch,
1 April 2011

Mike loves his mom
Mike & his lovely mom
Renee at the shower
1 April 2011

Weddings tend to begat weddings
Jenna at the
bridal shower
1 April 2011

The unseparable bond of sisterhood illustrated
Brianna, Jenna & Kara
at Kara's shower
1 April 2011

Getting ready for the June wedding of Mike Willcox & Kara Cameron. Stay tuned!...

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