March, 2011

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February was a month spent sorting pictures, cutting glass & kitchen planning.

February had the Superbowl, and Alissa's new project...

Mmm. Strawberries...
Superbowl Snacks
ready to eat
6 February 2011

A very good year, it was...
Third step in
recycling wine bottles
23 February 2011

The first step in recycling wine bottles: drink the wine.
Second step: Wash the bottles & remove the labels.
Third step: Get out your glass cutter...

Fearlessly working with boiling-hot water
Fourth step:
expand the glass
23 February 2011

When water is a radical extreme!
Fifth step:
Cold water "cutting"
23 February 2011

Next step includes edge-finishing
New glasses, ready
for edge-polishing
23 February 2011

Thinks 'I hope I'm not gonna get recycled too!'
The glass birdy
gets nervous
6 March 2011

I spent the month fetching the newspaper & working...

This is what happens when winter fog lingers on the living snow fence...
Rime & snow
on Emmer Trees
8 March 2011

He thought there was a goody in the gear box for him...
Days of Yore:
Amos guards gear
22 June 2010

February wasn't a terribly active month for me... That's all for now!

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