February, 2011

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January was mild month which closed with dry, subzero conditions.

The week of 'boarding at the condo
started with a great horned owl out back!

Photo by Taylor Boykin
This owl sheltered
in the back yard
2 January 2011

Photo by Taylor Boykin
It flew away when
the boys snuck outside
2 January 2011

Carvin' the groom! Photo by Alissa Boykin
Emily Freeman
making some time
4 January 2011

Building a sonic boom. Photo by Alissa Boykin
Grace Freeman
in the envelope
4 January 2011

Alissa and the boys went to Breckenridge, Colorado
for a week! Alissa absconded with my camera...

Death Star?? WHAT Death Star!? Photo by Alissa Boykin
Darth Gramma
using the Force
4 January 2011

Diggin' deep! Photo by Alissa Boykin
Joi Freeman
changing direction
4 January 2011

Flying in formation. Photo by Alissa Boykin
Trenton, Abe, Eli &
Joi looking "teamy"
4 January 2011

Photo by Alissa Boykin
Dan Freeman trying
to buckle his shoe
4 January 2011

Guess he needed some air. Photo by Alissa Boykin
Eli Boykin flying
straight & true
4 January 2011

He's laughing on the inside, too! Photo by Alissa Boykin
Taylor enjoying
Trenton's outdoor wear
6 January 2011

Were they texting each other? Photo by Alissa Boykin
Joi & Merrill
having some downtime
6 January 2011

Nice coat, fellah. Photo by Alissa Boykin
Eli unbridled
for Night Boarding
6 January 2011

Everyone engaged in the now-famous Arm Flap Follies on the 7th of January...

Leading the 'Arm-flappers' Revue. Photo by Alissa Boykin
Emily mid-hop at
7 January 2011

'Everybody's heard about the bird...' Photo by Alissa Boykin
Trenton augments
his take-off
7 January 2011

'W-w-where am I?'  Photo by Alissa Boykin
Joi's variation
on the arm-flap
7 January 2011

Ho, ho, ho. He's flyin'. Photo by Alissa Boykin
Abe flapping like a
big ol' sweet pea
7 January 2011

The aerodynamically-stable 'arrow.' Photo by Alissa Boykin
Grace prefers the
fore-aft config
7 January 2011

...But let's face it: If you don't spend a little time off the deck, you ain't 'boarding.

Taylor peggin' the meter. Photo by Alissa Boykin
Moving like a bullet:
Taylor in the air
7 January 2011

Rocket-assist, maybe? Photo by Alissa Boykin
Abe using his
special powers
7 January 2011

Too late, Joi, the contest is over! Photo by Alissa Boykin
A textbook flight:
Joi landing easy
7 January 2011

SCREE-EE-EECH!  Photo by Alissa Boykin
Trenton defying
Newton? Nahh!!
7 January 2011

Soon, the fun is done, and it's time to get on home.

Cell phone image by Joi Freeman
Stuck & digging it:
Go, Alissa, Go!
8 January 2011

Brianna cut up Josh's T-shirts & made him this quilt. Nice!
Brianna's quilt top:
Pittsburgh, PA
31 January 2011

These 2 are cell phone images from Brianna in Pennsylvania
The quilt's backing:
going "pioneer."
31 January 2011

Back-Country girls: Cell phone image by Beth Keller
Alissa & Beth as
frosty board-cicles!
31 January 2011

One last "yeehaw" for the month: Taylor's cartoon work:

This is a pencil drawing he doodled...
Crimson Scar:
Invisible hero
15 January 2011

He tells me that this character really isn't completed yet...
Taylor calls him
Maeglin Saralonde
2 February 2011

This guy is modeled on what Taylor thinks Eli will look like in 20 years!
Maltah: a glimpse
into the future!
2 February 2011

Submitted for publication elsewhere. A hot topic!
Taylor's opinion on
tenured positions
3 February 2011

January just blew by like a howling chinook

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