December, 2010

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Getting ready for Christmas!

Weather was good, but then...

The narrow canyon opens like a funnel towards the sky
Rob hiking to Jug Dome,
Big Thompson Canyon
2 November 2010

Rob flashed this long route
Rob Kelman clipping
his way up "Shag" (5.7)
2 November 2010

It'll be a cold day when these two benches face each other...
Winter begins to
muscle Autumn
9 November 2010

Comes a time you stay inside and keep busy.

Another creation; This is the back.
Alissa inspecting her
stitch integrity
20 November 2010

This is the top.
The top passes
the test: graduation
20 November 2010

Part of a card by Taylor
Dog ate my home work:
Why things get lost here
25 November 2010

Oh. And get the Christmas stuff out.

Round, shiny stuff:
a boxful of symmetry
26 November 2010

Nontraditional Tradition
All wiggly shapes:
Flavorful variation!
26 November 2010

It's a job --- er, a JOY to deck the boughs!
Alissa LOVES to work
... at home.
26 November, 2010

Alissa & I worked Thanksgiving, but her mom had a make-up dinner...

Brother Dan's wife, Joi
Joi Freeman and her
"BFF," her phone!
27 November 2010

Sister Kendra & Niece Megan
Kendra & Megan Freeman:
Not much for cameras!
27 November 2010

Daughter Jenna & her boyfriend Kyle (Sorry if I embarrass anyone!!)
Jenna & Kyle, at the
Extra-credit Thanksgiving
27 November 2010

Here they look like the edge of glacier!
Jenna's Most Excellent
Tangy Lemon Bars
27 November 2010

So I said to the President, 'You REALLY think you're gonna help folks on TriCare with all this CRUD?!'
My FIL, B-52 Navigator
Lt. Col. Freeman (Ret)
27 November 2010

Mother-in-law Karen's table setting (on the dining room wall!)
Make-up dinner setting
for Thanksgiving
27 November 2010

Eli said he got 'what for' at Wrestling Practice this day
Eli & Uncle Dan
awaiting food service...
27 November 2010

Cell Phone Image
Jenna & the ladies
in Christmas sweaters
27 November 2010

And so, Christmas is on its way...

Spur-of-the-moment-lighting-ideas Dept.
Candy Cane Boykin
House, Cheyenne area
28 November 2010

Our runt of the pack has turned out to be the tallest!
Taylor fitting the tree
angel atop the tannenbaum
28 November 2010

Mom says to tuck in the extra lights, Bub!
Taylor following suggestions,
kitchen Christmas tree
28 November 2010

Somebody's gotta do the regular work around here!
Eli doing alot of the
regular help-work,
28 November 2010

Been out in the cold & the wind [tradition!]. Photo by Eli.
Ben in his Christmas hat,
putting up Xmas lights
28 November 2010

Exposed during the gloaming...
Candy, Candy, Candy,
Oh I love you so!
28 November 2010

Froggy, I need a little salt & pepper!
Table Ornamentation
28 November 2010

She must feel safe under this tree. Weird.
Metro making camp
under the kitchen tree
28 November 2010

November was a lion king coming of age this year (reference: the Wind!).

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