November, 2010

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Indian Summer has been extended this year...

A day at Brown's Landing, in the Sherman Mountains...

Go, Greg!
Squeak leading
at Brown's Landing
3 October 2010

Taylor, ignore that girl to your right...
Taylor & his dad Ben
at Brown's Landing,
3 October 2010

Here you get a sense of the scale of this 85-foot route
Taylor following Greg
at Brown's Landing
3 October 2010

The brothers at the base of the wall
Eli sorting rope,
Taylor climbing
3 October 2010

We had a visit from Beth, Cole & his little brother...

'Betcha can't hit that fish in the pond!'
Ben corrupting the
national treasure
4 October 2010

'Oops! Missed! Try again, get a bigger rock!'
Cole selects a
bigger pond bomb
4 October 2010

Threatening, isn't it?
Clouds sweeping across
the high country
5 October 2010

Photo by Rob Kelman
Ben on Ish Kabibble
at the Old Folks Wall
5 October 2010

... and there was much climbing...

Photo by Rob Kelman
Cleaning a new route
at the Old Folks Wall
5 September 2010

Photo by Rob Kelman
What's he smokin'?!
Bolt installation
5 October 2010

Photo by Rob Kelman
Bolting Squeaky Clean,
at the Old Folks Wall
5 October, 2010

This day, I was the youngest guy at the Old Folks Wal!
Dave Natale, Rob &
Daryl saying "Cheese"
14 October, 2010

There were some hard-fought victories...

I had to get my gumption up...
Gathering steam for the
crux, The Gelding Years
14 October 2010

We figured out how to do it, this year!
A few hard moves,
then it eases up...
14 October 2010

Rachel used to be guide, but now she's a nurse.
Rob, belayed by Rachel
at Central Vedauwoo
15 October 2010

Second pitch of Rob's new route
Rob following the
second pitch, Vedauwoo
15 October 2010

Rob teaches offwidth climbing classes during the school year.
Chimneys are no obstacle
for Robert B. Kelman!
15 October 2010

Rob had to send up the correct size of protection for this crack...
Mr. Fiddle-with-gear
taking his sweet time
15 October 2010

It's not just the wind that's raising my hair!
I hate rappels.
15 October 2010

Livin' in the moment... Wheee!
Rachel, on the other
hand, Nooo Fear...
15 October 2010

Meanwhile, in distant Idaho...

Chillin' at home... photo by Alissa
Mike& Kara
at home in Boise
16 October, 2010

That puppy has tired him out! Photo by Alissa
Mike, Kara & Jenna:
couch potatoes?
16 October 2010

Convalescence: it's all about the solitaire!
Alissa resting her knee
a week after surgery
25 October 2010

Taylor's latest work of art
Taylor's latest
color cartoon
28 October 2010

And later, down in Colorado...

A formal, alpinist-style pose
Rob Kelman leading,
South St Vrain Canyon
29 October 2010

Always exploring the possibilities...
Rob checking the cracks
for alternative protection
29 October 2010

Like I always say, 'if it's bald, sick & thin, it's a Squeak route.'  Photo by Eli
Greg on the same route
South St Vrain Canyon
31 October 2010

Edgar says, 'bark, bark, bark.' Photo from Mike & Kara
it's Super Ed!!
31 October 2010

October has been very, very good to us...

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