October, 2010

These pictures appear for October 2010 on the main page.
We have been enjoying a warm albeit dry Injun Summer!

Pictures from afar, in Boise

Dreaming of pure pork sausage?
Edgar napping in
Mike's cuddly warmth
2 September 2010

Off they go, into the Wild Blue Yonder...
Mike & Kara hangin' out
in a hangar in Boise
5 September 2010

See my tall shadow? WOOF!
Edgar & a moment
of Small Dog's Syndrome
30 September 2010

...and closer to home, another workingman's day...

Avoiding a slip means cleaning your sole!
Rob Kelman assuring
reliable footing
5 September 2010

Gaining access to the top of the Old Folks' Wall
Rob Kelman on the easier
route to the top
5 September 2010

Gardening and placing pro...
Rob had to "garden"
the route as he led it
5 September 2010

I'd say the corner is 5.4
Rob breezing through
the crux moves
5 September 2010

There's a huge ledge above the chockstone
Topping the Old Folks' Wall,
now the work begins.
5 September 2010

Begone, ye crumbling flakes! (Photo by Rob Kelman)
Prepping the flaired groove
for a proper bolt placement
21 September, 2010

Boys' Day Out, 18 September, 2010

Eli's belaying Greg
Greg casts off on "Bulgaria"
at the Old Folks' Wall,
18 September 2010

Eli follows Greg's lead
Eli following Squeak on
"Bulgaria," Old Folks' Wall
18 September 2010

He has to backclip the rope for his brother & I to follow.
Eli back-clips the rope
for Taylor, who comes next
18 September 2010

Pawing at the 4-millimeter holds
Taylor working the very
thin crux on "Bulgaria",
18 September 2010

Ju-u-ust a little farther...
Stretching for the big
"Thank God" holds,
18 September 2010

Now it's Chubby's turn ... that would be ME...
Taylor joining Eli & Greg
atop the Old Folks' Wall
18 September 2010

Visions of Interest: Hail, Eyesight!

Eli getting ready for an
East High football game,
10 September, 2010

Vedauwoo: Caw! Caw!
Southeast Wyoming avian
wildlife spreading its wings
18 September 2010

You really need to be on your toes to photograph this, I found out.
Atmospheric entertainment,
all threats but no rain
20 September 2010

This boy has Homecoming Spirit!
Eli tries a variation
of East High hues
24 September 2010

As full-on-view as I could get in 20 minutes of scrambling
The Old Folks' Wall,
with climbers on "Thriller,"
30 September 2010

This is where I nearly pulled Rob off as I was snapping the picture!
Rob Kelman leading
his route "Bulgaria,"
30 September 2010

Summer's over... again... for now...
Quaking aspens and
beetle-killed conifers
30 September 2010

September is when we squeeze the last dry ooze out of Summer...

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