September, 2010

These pictures appear for September 2010 on the main page.
My boys and I went to Tetons. That's the lion's share of pictures this month.

The famous Tetons...

The infamous Coneflowers...
Cone flowers looked
great this year!
19 August 2010

She poured this all by herself
Alissa's next patio,
between the pond & the pit
19 August 2010

These only appear for a few months each year
Water lily,
a summertime treat
19 August 2010

Brother Games!
Eli fixing to pounce
on Taylor at Coulter Bay,
22 August 2010

The boys, with Teewinot and Jenny Lake in the distance
Teewinot beyond, with
the boys on the trail
22 August 2010

A long walk around...
The boys shun the ferry
that crosses Jenny Lake,
22 August 2010

Left, or right??
Taylor & Eli, deciding
which way we should hike
22 August 2010

Cascade Canyon, the Tetons
Taylor & Eli,
Cascade Canyon,
22 August 2010

They all grow up so fast...
The boys in Cascade Canyon,
Grand Teton Nat'l Park,
22 August 2010

High in Cascade Canyon...
The boys at our high point,
Cascade Canyon,
22 August 2010

Eli consulting the map
High up 'in the Gods,'
The Tetons,
22 August 2010

Take a picture, or draw a picture...
Taylor making a sketch,
Cascade Canyon
22 August 2010

We asked ourselves: 'Is it gonna rain?'
View of the mountains
from the Teton Wilderness,
23 August 2010

Natural stuff
Thistle in the Tetons,
Autumn in the mountains,
23 August 2010

'We're going on a bear hunt...'
On the trail to
Phelps Lake, the Tetons
23 August 2010

Unfortunately, there wasn't any more snow...
Eli testing an ice axe
before heading up Albright Peak,
23 August 2010

We'll wait here for Bub...
Eli waits while
Taylor sketches
23 August 2010

The mover and the maker...
Eli & Taylor,
Phelps Lake Overlook
23 August 2010

That's Phelps Lake below...
Taylor sketching, with
Eli looking on,
23 August 2010

High on Albright Peak
Taylor and Eli,
with Phelps Lake below,
23 August 2010

Calvin and Hobbs never ceases to entertain
Eli & Taylor
reading Calvin & Hobbs,
23 August 2010

Back at camp
Last night in the
Teton Wilderness
23 August 2010

A swanky camping unit
The pickup truck
ghetto camper,
23 August 2010

He drove from Rawlins to Cheyenne that day!
Eli's 16th birthday cookie,
sister Jenna to his right
24 August 2010

August: the days are getting shorter...

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