August, 2010

These pictures appear for August 2010 on the main page.
We sure did have alot of stuff going on.

This month, we had a wedding, some big travel
and welcomed many travellers!

Photo by Rob Kelman, used with permission
Ben on "The Shortest Night,"
Midsummer Wall
9 July 2010

Photo by Rob Kelman, used with permission
Finishing the same route,
Ben feeling his age!
9 July 2010

Cell phone picture on the drive home!
Severe hail storm
on the drive home,
9 July 2010

I mow, I trim, I hack, I burn... and they still grow back!
The unknown, unkillable
purple flower
10 July 2010

It took me two years to get a good picture of this!
Trollius Europaea,
The Globe Flower
10 July 2010

She tells me that all lilies are NOT the same.
Montenegro Lily
presents itself
10 July 2010

Looks prettier with a few dew drops...
Gaillardia in
good form
11 July 2010

Eli, Glenn & the 3 younger Stouts
Glenn with sons
Caleb, Seth & Noah
11 July 2010

We're gonna blow stuff up!!
Gunpowder & testosterone:
like bread & butter
12 July 2010

'See here, nephew, you light it like this here...'
A "My Twisted Uncle"
moment for Noah
12 July 2010

The youngest Stout boy
"Can I light a rocket
now, Uncle Ben???"
12 July 2010

Alot more motionless than in 1995!
Jenna showing great reserve
while burning stuff!
12 July 2010

He really doesn't speak English
Amos & Jenna
down by the pond
13 July 2010

Rock it!
Caleb & Glenn
swinging on the porch
13 July 2010

Got folks everywhere for now!
Papa & Aunt Cindy,
Aunt Tami bustin' a move
13 July 2010

In two days, she will become a wife!
Samantha making girl-talk,
Pre-wedding Days...
13 July 2010

Instructions?! We don't need no stinking instructions!
Taylor, Caleb, Eli,
& Seth make their beds
13 July 2010

Cousin Christie's become the family geneologist
Aunt Tracey & Moose
reviewing Christie's work
14 July 2010

The peak of our columbine season in Cheyenne
our back yard,
14 July 2010

Y'know, it happens... someday they grow up...
Eli, Alissa & Taylor,
Reed-Barnhill wedding
15 July 2010

David beat me to the click!
Alissa with my cousins,
Christie & David
15 July 2010

Mother of the Bride with her sisters & brother
Cindy Stout (click to enlarge)
& her siblings, The Wedding
15 July 2010

Mom & Dad Boykin with their original brood in the background
Moose & Papa,
Cindy, Tami, Tracey & Ben
15 July 2010

Sergeant Barnhill, Alissa, with Jory's brothers Noah and Caleb
Alissa & Sgt. Jory with his
brothers Noah & Caleb
15 July 2010

'It is time for you to SIT DOWN, sir!'
Sergeant Barnhill keeps
everything in control
15 July 2010

Here comes the bride's mom & dad...
Glenn & Cindy Stout
proceed to their seats
15 July 2010

Dear Steven & Sam: I borrowed this from Facebook...
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Reed!
Newlyweds, Evergreen, CO
15 July 2010

We were born in the 1990's!
Khaki Cousins: Seth, Eli,
Caleb, Samuel & Taylor
15 July 2010

Moose & Papa, Samantha's grandparents on her mother's side
My folks at the Reed's
wedding, Evergreen, Colorado
15 July 2010

Everything is A-OK!
Seth gives the wedding
a big 'thumbs up!'
15 July 2010

Wandering about the wedding grounds...
Taylor, Eli & Sam
having a walk?
15 July 2010

We refer to them as the 'triplets.'
Cousins born within 48
hours of each other
15 July 2010

He stopped in for a quick visit...
Ol' Campy drops in
to touch base!
22 July 2010

August: the dog days...

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