July, 2010

These pictures didn't appear for July 2010 on the main page.
Alissa & I spent the first half of June in Spain...

June went by without a blink. Whoosh. Gone.

This was one of the few old ramparts.
Old stone tower,
Castelldefels, Spain
4 June 2010

As seen from the apartment
The partially restored castle
over Castelldefels, Spain
4 June 2010

Photo opp, on the way to Garraff Park, to go climbing
Ben and the deep, blue
Mediterranean, Spain
4 June 2010

This is the snottiest, most polished dolomite rock I've ever seen
Squeak descending slick limestone,
Costas de Garraf, Spain
4 June 2010

Street performance: In the beginning, and in the end. Photo by Alissa.
Miguel Ale bearing witness,
Barcelona, Spain
5 June 2010

Jenn & Alissa exploring, Squeak plodding...
Looking for beach glass,
Costas de Garraf, Spain
6 June 2010

Gaudi's great big church in Barcelona, Spain. Picture by Alissa
Templo Expiatorio de la
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
9 June 2010

On, to the big city of Catalunya...
Riding into Barcelona,
Brianna, Alissa & Jenn
10 June 2010

At the plaza at mid-level, Parc Guell, Barcelona. Boy, what a shiny pate on that guy!
Ben & Brianna at the
market, Parc Guell, Barcelona
10 June 2010

This was on the road to Andorra...
Peaks of the Serra de Cadi
in the Pyrenees Alps
13 June 2010

Proud of the take of beach glass, Brianna beaming with glee
Whoo-hoo, LOOK at
the beach glass! Castelldefels
14 June 2010

We were on a route which was much harder than we thought from the ground
Squeak surveys an overhang
on Montserrat, Spain
14 June 2010

... And during the latter half of June, back at home, in Wyoming...

Howzabout a hard-boiled robin's egg?
Why the horn don't honk:
'87 Toyota pick-up nest
29 June 2010

Taylor, belayed by Eli...
Taylor on Poland Hill's
southwest face, Vedauwoo
29 June 2010

We all gathered at the top of Poland Hill for a final rappel before going home.
Eli topping out on
Poland Hill, Vedauwoo
29 June 2010

As soon as it gets dark, they'll light up the sky!
Boys in the fire pit,
Independence Day,
4 July 2010

Right hill and get away chop-chop!
Chinese instructions in
"velly pool Engrish,"
4 July 2010

All you gotta do is give 'em stuff that goes 'BOOM,' and they are very contented!
Eli, Taylor & friends
form a firing line,
4 July 2010

July is the first full month of Summer in Wyoming!

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