June, 2010

These pictures appear for June 2010 on the main page.
I totally missed publishing June's page because of our
sojourn to Spain. Sorry, folks!

Never been to Spain... until June, 2010

Late Spring snowfall on the upper pond.
Snow in Spring,
Home on the range
12 May 2010

Another one done...
Another quilt,
another work of art
14 May 2010

Taylor mulching
17 May 2010

This tornado was 12 miles south of our house
Twister on the ground,
12 miles away,
18 May 2010

This was the final two weeks for the hyacinths
Grape hyacinths
upstaging the patio,
18 May 2010

Thought this might scare the ground squirrels away. NOT.
Alissa's eagle sculpture
doesn't scare anything away!
19 May 2010

Don't bother the fisherman, you'll scare the koi...
Eli lets Andy alone
for some 'me' time...
31 May 2010

Hens-and-chicks proliferating
taking over the crannies
31 May 2010

Petunias rock
Petunias on the
rocky steps,
31 May 2010

Pink on gold. Nice.
Pink tulip against a
31 May 2010

Not even the weeds are awake yet
Late Spring garden
ready for summer,
31 May 2010

Just before the irises started to bloom
Just before summer
from the lower pond,
31 May 2010

The last month of Spring in Wyoming

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