May, 2010

These pictures appear for May 2010 on the main page.

...bring May flowers. And wind. And more wind.

This is at Pathfinder Reservoir, in Central Wyoming
The Chimneys peak,
Pedro Range
15 April 2010

A little bit of a necky start...
Squeak on "Shark's Nose"
Pathfinder Marina
15 April 2010

'I felt a raindrop! Your lead!!
Squeak getting funny
Fremont Canyon
17 April 2010

Never fear, Daffy's here...
Daffodils back in
awesome numbers
18 April 2010

The stream splits here...
Record Spring
snow pack!
24 April 2010

Eventually, we'll run out of rooms to re-paint. Maybe.
Alissa re-painting
Taylor's new room
29 April 2010

Hawaya, hawaya, hawaya.
Taylor & Eli with
buddy Michael, 'ukin''
30 April 2010

Sign of the artist now known as 'Taylor'
Taylor's symbol
adorns his wall
30 April 2010

Really, she LIKES it.
Cat just loves
to be outside.
30 April 2010

She's is so happy... well, you KNOW what she did...
Kara & Mike
on this day...
30 April 2010

Sparkle, sparkle
The ring of
30 April 2010

Spring. When all things are renewed.

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