April, 2010

These pictures appear for April 2010 on the main page.

April showers may bring snow!

Warming up the little truck...
Eli learning to
drive a stick
7 March 2010

Note to self: get some weight in the bed!
5 gears forward,
1 in reverse!
7 March 2010

Breaktime at Breckenridge
Karen & Alissa
Lunch at Breckenridge
9 March 2010

'And now for my next number...'
Alpenhorn player,
Beaver Creek, Colorado
14 March, 2010

'Does Mom know? Heck yes, she MADE me go!'
Bub playin' hookey
Beaver Creek
15 March, 2010

Work in progress, ten years so far! Hand-pieced, too.
"Grandmother's Flower
Garden" quilt top
23 March, 2010

The fishies thought they had it made! HA!!
Third day of Spring
Nice day for cocoa
23 March 2010

Mmmm. Pre-digested junk food! NICE!
Jenna gearing up for
Girls' Day Out
27 March 2010

Jenna's friend Nichole came along too!
Off to Denver to see
Mary Poppins
27 March 2010

'Uhmm. AWKWARD, Mom!'
Alissa does her best
to make Jenna squirm
27 March 2010

Caution AND Eli thrown to the wind!
Eli without a net
1 April 2010

Looks like spoonfuls of sugar!
Taylor at lift-off
Beaver Creek
1 April 2010

Hand-eye coordination practice at Beaver Creek!
Taylor & Eli
Pingin' & pongin'
1 April 2010

Taylor & Eli following each other down a gully
Eli & Taylor in
the trees, Beaver Creek
2 April 2010

There's a mountain stream under the snow to Eli's left...
Eli back out in the
open at Beaver Creek
2 April 2010

Okay, it's Spring, already. Spring I said!!

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