March, 2010

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Is it Winter or Spring today?!

'I don't believe you,' said Mike when the next turn revealed the summit was even farther than I had previously promised...
Mike Abrahms burning
with summit fever
6 February 2010

Home stretch on the Twin Sisters peaks
Mike on the last bit,
Twin Sisters Peaks
6 February, 2010

Mike at 11,428 ft above sea level
Mike on the summit
Twin Sisters Peaks
6 February 2010

This is her 19th one!
Jenna's Nineteenth
birthday cake
7 February, 2010

The boys stand solemnly aside...
Jenna sifting through
the birthday booty
7 February, 2010

The obligatory 'Happy Birthday' photo
Chocolate cake with
LOTS of sugary icing!
7 February, 2010

'No one shall use my lap quilt but me,' She sayeth.
Alissa's personal
lap quilt
10 February 2010

Note the minute stitching!
Any animals on this quilt
shall be skinned alive.
7 March 2010

Flying lessons for Danny-Boy!
Dan Freeman on take-off
Near Vail, Colorado
18 February 2010

Off a bit of a jump at Beaver Creek
Eli gets air,
Beaver Creek
20 February 2010

Landing it just fine
Taylor hot on
Eli's heels
20 February 2010

Taylor on a 'forward pass'
Conga line forms
above the jump!
20 February 2010

'I can follow these boys like Annie Oakley!'
Megan bringing up
the rear, Beaver Creek
20 February 2010

Taylor & Eli demonstrating Basic Slacker technique
"We did it!"
Taylor & Eli, Beaver Creek
20 February 2010

One more flight before crawling home!
Taylor having another
heapin' helping of air
21 February 2010

Sunrise... for whom the bell clanks...
Happy Birthday,
General Washington!
22 February 2010

4-wheel-drive helps in this crap.
The mucky road home
Cheyenne, late winter
5 March 2010

She's hoping the koi are still alive in there!
Did the fish survive
the global winter???
5 March 2010

Spring is coming... someday.

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