February, 2010

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Ben's 50th Birthday Party

Alissa finished this quilt in January
Eli's new quilt
12 January, 2010

Another quilt Alissa finished a few years ago.
Our old quilt,
12 January, 2010

Variations in wakefulness
Eli & Taylor on a
school day, 1/12/10

'The bus is WHERE?!'
The boys fueling up
21 January, 2010

Get goin' 'cause it's a long walk to school!
Eli heads to class
21 January 2010

'SURPRISE, ya ol' goat!'
22 January, 2010

They came all the way from Houston!
Mom & Dad too!
21 December, 2009

Christie videos the whole shindig...
Cake, cousin & cut-ups
22 January 2010

Ann, Bonny, Susan, Des, Eli, Dad & Rob
Presents for pre-senility
22 January 2010

Dad, Kara, Jacky, Mindy, Mom, Christie & Sam
More well-wishers!
22 January 2010

'And I just wanna say...'
Waxing ineloquent,
22 January 2010

Michelle & Alissa finishing off the mojitos
And later that night...
22 January 2010

Mom carries on the festivities
Mom hydrating,
24 January 2010

Gathered 'round the pianer for a group photo. Jenna was at work...
Grandparents And,
24 January 2010

Them what beget us
Karen, Merrill, Joyce & Earl
24 January 2010

One heck of a spoiled poodle, He.
Eli & Abner
24 January 2010

Headin' home to Houston...
Dad, Ben & Mom
27 January 2010

Amos & his new pal, 'Andy.'
27 January 2010

It was birthday to remember.
Thanks to everybody, especially Alissa, who made it all happen!

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