January, 2010

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Pittsburgh, Breckenridge & Cheyenne

Stolen from Facebook... looks like a couple, eh?
Kara & Mike
late November, 2009

Happy birthday to Thee
Taylor's 14th birthday,
[caked] 3 Dec., 2009

Tharr be fish in there
Angst Pond Ice
volcano, 9 Dec., 2009

The table's set in Pittsburgh (cell phone send from Alissa)
Brianna's & Josh's
Christmas dinner,
14 December, 2009

Chasin' each other around the table at Christmas Dinner
Eli & Taylor,
21 December 2009

Table set for Christmas dinner 2009
Christmas Dinner,
21 December, 2009

Merrill carving, while everyone carries on
Christmas dinner
21 December, 2009

Removing Doug from the kitchen
Taylor & the belated Doug
26 December 2009

Goodbye, Doug!
Christmas is so over
26 December 2009

Doug here's a goner. G'bye, Doug!
Takin' out the tree
26 December 2009

Doug didn't make a peep...
Outside, Doug!
26 December 2009

The clean sweep.
26 December 2009

Done buried Doug
Christmas Clean-up,
26 December 2009

Wyoming White Christmas, 2009
Global Warming!
26 December 2009

Gosh that looks like catastrophic heat to me!
Drifts out back,
27 December 2009

Interior design, 2009!
Eli Likes the color!
30 December 2009

Taylor painting his insignia
You won't see it later!
30 December 2009

Yeah. That's mine alright.
Taylor signing
30 December 2009

Counting down to midnight...
New Years Eve.
31 December, 2009

New Year's Eve
The Blue Moon,
1 January, 2010

New Years Day, 2010
It's a new year,
1 January, 2010

Freemans & Boykins!
January, 2010

'Cicle rivalry?
Grace & Emily!
3 January, 2010

Cell phone image from Alissa
Eli on the move
7 January 2010

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