December, 2009

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Thanksgiving in Texas

Advance party...
Kurt explores Denver,
4 November, 2009

The start of your day is the end of mine. Cell phone image.
6th-floor sunrise,
18 November, 2009

60 seconds before the concussion
Taylor (right), 2nd round
19 November, 2009

From U.S. Hwy 87, New Mexico
8,182-ft Capulin Mtn,
24 November 2009

Sister Cindy's present to her Pop
Dad's wind catcher,
26 November 2009

Thanksgiving morning sunshine
live oak tree
26 November 2009

Eat, eat, eat! Elliot, Micah, EJ & Eli
Grazing & texting
26 November 2009

Dad carving the roasted turkey
He does it the best!
26 November 2009

Photo by E.J.
Thanksgiving in Texas
26 November 2009

Reading the pre-game before the Big One
'Happy is the man...'
26 November 2009

Why Dad is happy in his corner...
The Peace. The Quiet.
26 November 2009

Stand up straight, Bub!
Obligatory sizing-up
27 November 2009

Becca, Bubba, Bradley, and a buddy, stopped in right quick to say 'Hey.'
The Hanks stop in,
27 November 2009

Splittin' sides and stitches all around!
Comic relief,
27 November 2009

The 20th-century-era Brothers Boykin
Papa, Randy & James
27 November 2009

Gomer hits the road
Tami, Moose & Ben
29 November 2009

Autumn gauntlet on F.M. 2100, East Texas
North of Huffman, TX
29 November 2009

Yonder in the Red River Valley
Quilter near Quanah, TX
30 November 2009

She wrestled this into the house all by herself!
Alissa & the
Douglas Fir.
2 December 2009

Decorating 'Doug.'
The Journey.
2 December 2009

Baby, it's 5 degrees outside!
Crafty snowmen
2 December 2009

Old Greeny & its rolling blackout. Drives Alissa crazy!
In the Den
2 December 2009

Old Whitey, flashy as usual.
In the living room
2 December 2009

Hey, there's a 10-foot Douglas Fir in the kitchen!
'Doug' dressed for
2 December 2009

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