November, 2009

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Official, record-setting snowfall for October, 2009:
29 inches! Last time this happened here was in 1906.

Kara's 20th birthday cake
Cake for 'Bullseye,'
6 October, 2009
Happy Birthday, 'Bullseye!'
Taylor, Kara & Eli
on Kara's birthday
6 Oct., 2009
Rob Kelman leading at the Dome, belayed by Greg Speer
Rob Kelman leading,
Boulder. 7 Oct., 2009
First crux on 'Cozyhang.' Photo by Rob Kelman
In Boulder Canyon
Colorado. 7 Oct., 2009
He doesn't like snow!
Amos dreading his
morning walk,10/10/09
We wound up with over a foot of snow from this storm.
The arbor & the pond
10 October, 2009
Eek! That's a big one! Photo by Mike Willcox
Kara and 'Herman,'
17 Oct., 2009
'I want a snow day.'
Taylor at breakfast.
School today! 10/22/09
On the way to see 'Wicked,' again!!
Night Out for Wicked
Denver, 10/23/09
Fighting a North wind... We received another 18 inches from this storm.
Taylor digging out,
29 October, 2009
Halfway dug out, nearly. Cell phone image
Day two of three
of the dig-out. 10/30/09
They showed up while Alissa was at work. This was taken at the hospital. Happy Halloween!
Jenna & her buddy Mel
remember the '80's...
31 Oct., 2009

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