October, 2009

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Cold nights, fickle days. And the wind...

Rob Kelman & Greg Speer, a day at Vedauwoo
Kelman & Speer
musing about weather
8 September, 2009
That big piece is one of Kelman's 'Valley Giants.' Photo by Robert B. Kelman
Another day of work
at Vedauwoo.
18 September, 2009
This is the exposed first pitch, a horizontal necessity.
1st ascent of American Crawl.
Kelman prostrates himself
18 September, 2009
See, Mary? He's wearing his helmet!
The route goes straight up
from here. Kelman on belay
18 September, 2009
This formation is about 70 feet tall.
South Vee Tower,
little-explored Vedauwoo.
19 September, 2009
This Vedauwoo crack is over 40 feet in height.
If I tell you about this,
my partners will kill me.
19 September, 2009
Sumac afire, Siberian Elm starting to turn...
Pruned irises & autumn trees
30 September, 2009
Detail of the Sumac. These trees and suckers are 3 years old.
Why we love sumac.
30 September, 2009
Autumn Joy sedum
Autumn Joy sedum
in full regalia.
30 September, 2009
Despite the winds, these blossoms survived.
Delphinium, stalwart
to the last!
30 September, 2009
That is one dumb spider.
Bad time to be preggers!
Spidey on the siding,
30 September, 2009
'Is it HOT out here?!'
Hosta going through
"the change..."
30 September, 2009

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