September, 2009

These pictures appear for September 2009 on the main page.

Autumn is already upon us! September, 2009

The handsome, young, urbane couple
Josh & Brianna hosting
sunset frisbee golf,
15 August, 2009
Last evening in Pittsburgh, PA
Taylor & Eli playing
a little frisbee golf,
15 August, 2009
A big shin-dig at Zoe's house
Welcomed by the Freeman's,
French Lick, Indiana,
16 August, 2009
Most of 'em...
Edith Freeman's children,
16 August, 2009
3907 Old Brownsboro Hill Road, Louisville, KY
The Boykin house,
1975 to 1979.
17 August, 2009
Flip me over, Dad-O!
Daughter Jane & Daddy Kurt,
Louisville, KY,
17 August, 2009
Emily & Alissa in the vegetable garden
Emily & Alissa,
Carthage, MO
19 August, 2009
Big Time at the dining table in Carthage, MO.
Freeman's & Boykin's
at the table,
19 August, 2009
Enjoy it while you can...
Water lilies proliferate:
24 August, 2009
Savoring the 15-year-old moment...
Eli & the birfday cake,
24 August, 2009
Here, buggy, buggy, buggy...
Spider on a pine tree,
29 August, 2009
You'd think it goes 'cla-a-anggg,' but it tends to go 'clank!'
Alissa's 'Freeman Bell,'
6 September, 2009
A blood-red vine on the old dog kennel fence...
Virginia Creeper,
6 September, 2009
The local Vedauwoo visionary
Rob Kelman scrutinizing
a new route,
6 September, 2009

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