August, 2009

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The dog days of summer... August, 2009

Big fun on the 4th of July
Eli & cousin Megan,
4 July, 2009
Red Hot Pokers.
Red Hot Pokers,
7 July, 2009
Cousin Grace & Aunt Deb hangin' out at the house. They were visiting from Missouri.
Cousin Grace & Aunt Deb,
9 July, 2009
Red Hot Pokers, Delphinium & Asian Lilies
Flowers in the front yard,
7 July, 2009
Big red Asian Lilies
Asian Lilies awakened,
7 July, '09
Uncle Danny building the waterfall
Dan working on the waterfall,
13 July, 2009
Bouncey-bouncey, Grace!
Grace on the fly,
13 July, 2009
Cold Day in Global Warmingville...
Cold Day for Climate Change!
13 July, 2009
Hey there, Dad!
Taylor out by the pond,
13 July, 2009
Alissa & young Mike critiquing the pond.
"This here pond...,"
13 July, 2009
Urfff. Ouch...
13 July, 2009
The Falls, and the Babbler...
The falls, mainly...
15 July, 2009
'They call me Sssssidney...' that's what it said when I snagged him.
Gramma's garter snake,
5 August, 2009
Shine on...
The harvest moon,
5 August, 2009

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